Laso: “The Copa is a one of the highlights of the season”

NEWS | 13/02/2019

“Playing in this competition is always special”, claimed Reyes.
Pablo Laso, Reyes, Carroll and Rudy spoke to the press at Real Madrid City two days before their debut in the Copa del Rey. The coach said: “this is a one of the highlights of the season. It is an attractive tournament that brings the best teams together in competition in games that are cup finals. The winner will have to win three games and that is not easy. For the fans it is a thrill because it brings all different fans together”.

“In the Copa it does not matter if it is a derby or another rival. Each game is a final regardless of who you play, it does not alter your motivation. We are playing a team that beat us in the league and they have been getting results in recent games. For us it is a game we need to go into as best as possible and we will need all our concentration from the first minute”.

“They have great offensive talent and have three players, Brizuela, Clavell and Gentile, who score a lot, in different ways. Cook and Hakanson know how to pass the ball around well and on the interior Whittington coming in has given them more steel, they need to play with center bing left open to distribute; Arteaga is solid as a number five. I think in the last month or month and a half we have seen the best version of Estudiantes this term”.

“He did not train today, let's see tomorrow. I don't know if he will feature on Friday. We are in a touch and go situation. If the Copa was next week I'd likely say he would play, but I cannot confirm it for this Friday”.

Carroll: “It is an enjoyable tournament”.

“I'd be lying if I said I don't mind Llull not being in a perfect state. He is an important player for us, but I think when you plan a season you know these things can happen. He is looking good, prepared, now we have to look at his physical situation”.

Reyes: “Estudiantes are playing well”
“Playing in the Copa del Rey is always special, but playing at home where we have won so many titles makes it even more special. The most important thing is to be motivated, ready to play a good tournament and play the basketball that has been typical of us over the years. Even though the fans are mixed we know a lot of madridistas will be there and will make themselves heard”.

“We do not feel like favourites. When we play these tournaments we know it is complicated and if you have a bad day you are going home. The team are foussed, motivated and cannot wait to play Estudiantes this Friday. We cannot look further ahead than this game, that would be a lack of respect for our neighbouring team and the other teams. They have done well since they beat us, they are dangerous”.

Carroll: “We are only thinking about Estudiantes”
“I love the Copa, it is a great, enjoyable tournament. If you want to win you must focus on the rivals ahead of you, it is Estudiantes now and we are not getting carried away. We are doing well, we are ready to compete in the tournament. This time it is in Madrid, in our arena. I don't know if that is extra motivation but it is an incentive for us. Right now this is the only title I am thinking about”.

Rudy: “Estudiantes are on a good run”
“The Copa is always special but we are only thinking of Friday, even though we want to win a Copa title in front of our fans. Estudiantes are on a good run, they beat us, they are competitive and they have no pressure on them. They did well in the last few games and know how to win, we wil try to defend as well as possible”.


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