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Real Madrid - Real Sociedad

Ramos: "The VAR system has to be improved because what we've seen tonight was scandalous"

NEWS | 06/01/2019

"It's my best game since I came here but I'm sad because of the result", said Vinicius Jr.
Sergio Ramos spoke to the media to offer his thoughts in the aftermath of the game against Real Sociedad: "It upsets all of our plans. We would have liked to have got the year off to a good start, but it's not turned out that way. We're going through a bad spell. The team performed well in spells but we lacked that cutting edge and luck in front of goal and had we had it, we'd be reflecting on a different result right now. We've been through a lot of tough times and this is another such spell. We've got to look at ourselves. It's all about performing as best we can and being clinical, particularly because football is all about the results". 

"You go through periods in football where everything goes for you and right now nothing is going our way. Sometimes the woodwork gets in the way and at others you're not creating the chances… We can't blame the referee for the result, although he had a defining role, but we've also got to look at ourselves. We're going to keeping battling, but it's difficult because Barcelona don't usually slip up and the gap is opening up. We're going to stick together and fight until the end. Real Madrid won't lie down, even if we're kicked seven times".

Penalty not awarded on Vinicius Jr.
"The referee played a big role in things. I've always defended the VAR system, but it has to be improved because what we've seen tonight was scandalous. He could have awarded the penalty and then consulted the VAR. After seeing the penalty incidents in the dressing room, all we ask is for is fairness. There are times when we're punished for our behaviour on the pitch and the Referees' Committee should do the same with the officials. The VAR is in place but you've got to know how to use it and consult it. We're motivated and fighting for a LaLiga title that'll be tough and it's made all the more difficult when things like this happen". 

"When you're out there on the pitch it's so much more difficult because your heart is racing. As the team captain, I always try and help the referees, but tonight's performance was scandalous. Lucas Vázquez's sending-off was very harsh. Never before have I seen a player shown a second yellow for something like that, where you're in the middle of the pitch with three Real Madrid players around you".

Modric: "It didn't want to go in for us"
"We're not in the best of spirits after losing at the Bernabéu, but up until Lucas Vázquez's sending-off we were playing well and creating a lot of chances. The ball didn't want to go in for us and we have to find a solution as to why this is happening to us. We also made a very poor start and it's not easy to fight back when you go behind. We must improve, particularly in that regard, because it's difficult when you have to come back from a goal down. We have to be more focused".

MODRIC: "It's a clear penalty and Sergio's could also have been given".

"Just as there are reasons when luck is on your side, there are also reasons when it’s not with you. We have to sit down and talk among ourselves as men to see why this happens. We have to improve a lot and be more together as a team. We have to be a strong unit and let the opponents come on to us. Not go at them like crazy in attack. We must change something in the way we play and go game by game. We have to keep working to get out of this situation".
The penalty
"I don’t like to talk about referees, but it seems incredible that VAR doesn’t come in to play. It's a clear penalty and Sergio's could also have been given. The referee, in my opinion, has not had the best day. Despite this, our problems are different and we must find solutions. If VAR is there, we must be calm because it will come in to play, but today it didn’t happen. If you’re not sure, then blow the whistle and then ask. It's my opinion and that's why I didn’t understand the referee".
"The referee told me that from above they told him it wasn’t a penalty and that seems incredible to me. We have to stop talking about it because it is not worth it, but the referees here in Spain seem to be confused with how to use VAR and it seems that with Real Madrid they’re even more afraid".
Vinicius Jr.: "My best game but I'm going away sad"
"It's my best game since I arrived at Real Madrid, but I'm sad because of the result and because we didn’t get the three points. I'm developing bit by bit to help Real Madrid. All the players have helped me a lot".
"It’s very difficult to score and today we didn’t have any luck, but football is good because in a few days we have another match to find ourselves and win".
The penalty
"Rulli didn’t touch the ball and it was a clear penalty".