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Real Madrid - Tecnyconta Zaragoza

Laso: “It was a difficult game”

NEWS | 13/01/2019

“It was a hard-fought win”, said Reyes.
Pablo Laso, Reyes and Llull spoke about Real Madrid’s league win against Tecnyconta Zaragoza. The coach said: "The match was very competitive with two teams that played very well in attack, that's why the score was high and in the end it was decided in the last plays. As coach of Real Madrid, I'm not happy with our team’s defense".
"We suffered a lot in one-on-one actions and had the feeling that we weren’t able to respond. We had some problems on the rebound but a lot of disadvantage on one-on-one actions, and practically we didn’t make any fouls. And that indicates that we lack defensive aggressiveness and they moved the ball easily looking for the best situations. Offensively we were able to move the ball, find good shots and get a win that we knew would be difficult".
Team game
"We’re obliged to give everything in every game. It’s a demanding and difficult schedule and I have a big roster that has to develop during the year. You can play worse or better and it's understandable. Sometimes it's complicated because you play every 48 hours and maybe our worst matches have been in the league and the best in Euroleague. The objectives in both competitions are fulfilled but we must improve in strength and in the feeling of always being the best team".
Top seed in the cup
"We’ve already qualified and now we want to be seeded and we did that. It’s a big motivation to play in Madrid but, although there is still a lot to do, in the last 34 years, it’s only been won twice by the hosts. That gives us a special motivation, like all the copa del reys. It’s a very difficult competition, very difficult, to play a game against the best teams in the league, where favoritism does not exist for me. We play in Madrid, not at home, but I don’t want to talk more about the cup now".
Reyes: "Everyone comes here to give one hundred percent"
"It feels like a big win, but we had to suffer for this and we have to improve because in the league we’re having bad games. The important thing is that we got another win, and now we have to look to the future and next week, in which we have two complicated matches. We must try to get back to playing well and get two victories that would be key".

Llull: “We have to increase the intensity in defense a level”.

"Both the Euroleague and the ACB are two very tough competitions. It’s complicated after a week with two games and now at the weekend the team goes in to it low on fuel and as a result, we have lulls during the match. In normal games it doesn’t happen to us, but we have to work, improve the physical condition of everyone to be the team we want to be".
Difficult match
"Against any team in the league we expect the game to be the hardest because most teams have a week to prepare for the match and playing against Real Madrid and winning is a big thing for them. Everyone comes here and gives one hundred percent and we always expect a physical match, hard and having to suffer and lately it’s been that way. We have to keep working hard and getting things from the remaining games".
Llull: "It was a nice match for the fans"
"I’m happy for the win. It was a nice match for the fans, with lots of points. Obviously, we have to look back at the mistakes we've made, because we've been a bit vague defending. But it’s been a demanding week with three victories that allow us to continue up there".
"There’s no explanation for the defensive issue in the league. It’s happened in several games now and we’re aware that every opponent plays at two hundred percent against us, they’re motivated in an extra way and that makes it even more difficult. They were successful but we have to increase intensity in defense a level, especially on weekends".


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