Rudy: “What I’ve experienced at Real Madrid is incredible"

NEWS | 05/12/2018

“Winning 15 titles over these years is unimaginable”, the forward told Realmadrid TV.
Rudy Fernández took centre stage in La Tertulia for Realmadrid TV, and analysed the start of the season the team has had and his years with the club: "We are in two very demanding competitions such as the Euroleague and the Endesa League, but for me a week of rest is great, it does us good, we can train. There are also players returning and that is crucial in a season as demanding as this. "
Match against Anadolu
 "We suffered three defeats and now we have a trip to Turkey to face a team that is doing really well. In the league, they sit among the first four. We need to work hard and try to defeat a very tough team from the start of the game. Anadolu Efes have signed very good players this year and the coach has got a good formula".
The last Super Cup
"It's been a while since we won this title. We started well this season and then the results have been very good. We have also maintained the same team from the previous season and some new guys who help us greatly. In that match, Prepelic gave us a real boost. The new guys have to dig in and give as much as in that Supercopa." 
Arrival at Real Madrid
"It was a thrilling moment. I think I made the right decision. I am really happy and I feel like Madrid is my home. When they approached, me it was exciting, especially since Ibaka, Felipe Reyes and Sergio Rodríguez were part of the team at the time. The result is the titles we’ve won over the years and that is not only down to the hard work the players put in, but those who went before. We always give our best and we try to live up the club’s expectations".

"Clinching 15 titles in 8 years is something I did not imagine at all. I like to think about the present and keep focussing on titles. I want to keep winning. What I've experienced at Real Madrid is something brilliant and that I want to keep on enjoying it."

We always give our best and we try to live up the club’s expectations.

"Laso has made it possible for so many top players to play here and get the best out themselves. Sometimes it's hard because you have 12 players, then 16, and I think he handles it well and knows how to adapt to the ups and downs, the problems we have. That is what makes him a special coach and he has won so many titles with 2. It makes us all take part in his project. He is a top motivator."
Support from the president
"It is great to have the support of the president at all the time and in every last competition. Whenever we win a key game, he speaks to the captains. The president has made sure the basketball team are up there at the top. "
La Décima
"The first quarter-final game against Panathinaikos was gruelling and a real turning point. Thanks to that defeat we won the Euroleague and got La Décima. We knew that, if we were divided, were not a team, it would be very difficult to get through it. We have a meeting with the coaches and players, and usually we put on a show and pull through in difficult times. Thanks to a great game, here in Madrid, and then in the Final Four in Belgrade, we became champions".
Winning the league
"I was so happy to win another title. The individual trophies are thanks to the hard work that we put in over all these years. This has been a vintage year to enjoy with my teammates, to be satisfied with how the season went and be thrilled with winning the league and La Décima."
MVP in the final
"I was lucky to get that success and they decided it was my turn. I believe more in team work than in individual work. I was thrilled to get a trophy like the league and playoff MVP. I keep my titles in mind, as with my bond that I continue to build with Sergio Llull. I’m so very happy to have won the MVP award, but It was great to win the league title. I appreciated it, celebrated it with the team because in the end without them I would not have won this trophy."