Real Madrid

Official Announcement


Real Madrid C. F. and club president Florentino Pérez are deeply saddened by the death of Ángel Luis Heras Aguado, who was on the club’s Board of Directors. We would like to share our condolences with his family and friends.
Ángel Luis Heras was a key part of the Boards of Directors chaired by Florentino Pérez and was always dedicated to the Real Madrid Foundation, one of his main focuses. He was passionate in his work for Real Madrid for 62 years, dedicating his whole life to the club and helping to promote and spread the club’s values.
Over the course of Ángel Luis Heras’ time as a member of the Board of Directors at Real Madrid, the club has won more than 40 titles, including 5 European Cups in football and 2 European Cups in basketball.
He was an example of commitment, dedication and loyalty to Real Madrid until the end. Thanks to his work and dedication over the years, Ángel Luis Heras has fostered the transformation and modernisation of the club with the hope of being a pioneer and setting a precedent in world sport. His death is a true loss for Real Madrid and everyone associated with the club.