Rueda de prensa de Solari

Solari: “Valencia are well-organised and we'll have to rely on our talent and ensure we're clinical”

NEWS | 30/11/2018 | Alberto Navarro

"It's an honour to host the Copa Libertadores final at the Santiago Bernabéu", stated the coach.
Real Madrid coach Santiago Solari has spoken to the press in the media room at Real Madrid City on the day prior to the Whites' clash with Valencia: “We know they are a well-organised and tactically disciplined team. They have conceded very few goals and we'll have to focus on our players and their talent, and make sure we're clinical and aggressive in the top three-quarters of the pitch”.

“Feelings are so important. The joy of coming to work, the sense of responsibility and the efforts on a day-to-day basis are 80 percent of everything, in football and in any other job. Every player here is a professional and they all work very hard. We've got some young guys in the team but the majority are mature individuals and I don't think things going on outside will distract them".

"I've got mixed feelings. On the one hand, it's an honour for madridismo, for our stadium, to host the final of the Copa Libertadores and a Clásico of Argentine football at the Santiago Bernabéu. I hope that a stadium that boasts our history can help to bring a positive end to what has been a difficult finale. On the other hand, I can't ignore the reasons which have brought the game here. Playing on the other side of the ocean from Buenos Aires has broken many hearts and it's a real shame, especially in terms of setting an example for our children".