Real Madrid - Viktoria Plzen

Marcelo: "This result gives us confidence ahead of our next game"

NEWS | 23/10/2018 | Bárbara Jiménez

"We created a tonne of chances and did enough to have scored more goals", added Kroos.
Marcelo scored Real Madrid's second goal in the win over Viktoria Plzen. In the aftermath of the game, the wing-back said: "It was important to win. We have to improve, but this result gives us confidence. We always go out all guns blazing to score and perform well, but football is getting more difficult by the day and in the Champions League there are teams that, whilst they might not be a big name, make things tough for you".

"It could be that it's a mental thing because we're human beings and sometimes things don't go your way, but I've been through worse situations and we've got through them. This win gives us confidence ahead of our next game".

The discomfort which forced him off
"I feel fine despite having to come off after picking up a knock. Those types of tackles shouldn’t be allowed because you can end up injuring a fellow professional. For me, as somebody who has been through a tough injury, a scenario went through my mind and I was scared to fall awkwardly and break down again".

"I want to be involved at the Camp Nou. Let's see if I'm available. It's unfair to assess something at the start of the season, which is what you guys do: before the Levante game I was very bad and, after these two goals, I'm now very good".

"The coach doesn't take to the pitch. We're the ones out there and if anybody is to blame it's all of us: the players and the coaching staff. We play for another three points at the Camp Nou and, regardless of what happens, there will still be a long way to go. We hope to win and take confidence from it".

Kroos: "We're aiming to secure our place in the last 16"
“We needed a win. We created a tonne of chances and did enough to have scored more goals. In attack, we did well in terms of giving the game life. We needed a win and should have killed it off earlier. If it is a close game it can be dangerous. We needed a win, whether we get first or second place, we need to get to the next round. Last year we were second and you know how that ended".

Casemiro: "It's time to work hard and I'm sure we'll turn things around".

“Tomorrow we need to recover and focus on getting ready for Sunday. I'm confident and happy with Lopetegui. In recent years, we lost games and then turned it around. We're a good group and need to stay united in order to turn it around”.

Casemiro: "A result of 5-2 wouldn't have been a shock"
"We take confidence from this win. We're not on a good run, but we've got the three points and now have to focus on Barcelona. To be honest, we're not playing well and we're on a bad run, but we're Real Madrid and we back the coach and his staff. It's time to work hard and I'm sure that we'll turn things around".

"I'm happy with the chances we created. It wouldn’t have been strange for a game like that to have end 5-2. We got the three points and now we have to keep improving. We have all the faith in the world in our manager. Real Madrid always want to win and we know that playing at the Camp Nou is special, tough game, but naturally we want to get the three points".

Lucas: “These were three vital points”
“These were three vital points and our aim was simply to win. We ned to be happy with that. It has already given us a boost which we will need in order to give it our all on Sunday. The team have been plugging away for weeks and the win was the fruits of our labour. It is a weight off our shoulders. Now to return to normal, and keep on winning”.

His position at full-back
“I need to help more in defence rather than play as a winger, but the key is to play a role and give your best at all times”.