Carroll: "Being part of this club's history is an immense source of pride"

NEWS | 09/10/2018

 "I'm really happy to stay here in what's proved to be such a special era", declared the North American shooting guard. 
Jaycee Carroll, who has recently put pen to paper on a contract renewal in a deal which runs until 2020, made a guest appearance on Realmadrid TV's La Tertulia show to talk about the latest from within the camp, with the shooting guard offering the following thoughts: "I'm really happy to stay here and it really is proving to be a very special era. It's difficult to put these years into words. I joined the club at a young age, with the hope of winning silverware and came here feeling rather nervous about how things would work out for me, and seven years on, we can look back on the success I've enjoyed".

"Being part of the history of such a big and important club, where so many good players have played, is an immense source of pride. I've been treated really well here, the president is always in the locker room offering his support after the games and we've done really well in recent years. The support from Florentino and the rest of the club's hierarchy is important because, regardless of whether we win or lose, they always tell us that they believe in the project here". 

New season
"It's a really long old season but we've got off to the best possible start after winning the Super Cup. We'll miss Doncic but the good thing is that we've got Llull back and performing to a great standard and Kuzmic is back. Deck has real quality and a good understanding of where he needs to be out on court and we've already seen what Prepelic is capable of. We've had a core group of players here for many years now and that makes things easier for the new guys".

First piece of silverware
"In that Copa del Rey we started to see what that team was capable of under Laso. We headed into that final with real desire. In the first half I virtually didn't do anything but everything changed in the second half. In the end, I produced one of the best performances of my career and I was virtually unstoppable. At that time Barcelona were winning a lot and there we took a first step to changing the course of things".

Second finals
"In the early years I felt a lot of tension, more than I do now. Now that I've got the experience of having been there many times, I can appreciate the difference between how you feel out on court in your first and the last finals of your career".

The Madrid EuroLeague
"We headed into the Madrid EuroLeague brimming with confidence. We had a team with a lot of fighting spirit that was team full of players who offered something on court, and with us playing at home, we simply had to win that EuroLeague. We put in an amazing performance and I posted 11 straight points. I scored some amazing baskets but each basket I sunk came from a rebound, a pass from a teammate; it was all the result of the efforts from my teammates. That day, I had a feeling that something was going to happen".

We've had a core group of players here for many years now and that makes things easier for the new guys.

"I was surprised that we managed to win the EuroLeague last season after all of the injuries we had throughout the year. It really was incredible, we had 21 different players feature for us. We finished fifth in the Regular Season, lost by 28 points to Panathinaikos and that night it all changed. We watched the whole game back at the hotel and the next day we trained hard and went into the next match with a different mindset. That success tasted even sweeter after all we had been through that year". 

The Bernabéu
"The Bernabéu is so impressive. I'm not sure whether there's a stadium anywhere in the world with a richer history than it has. It's the stuff of dreams when we celebrated a trophy win and play out on the pitch for a bit. Never would I have imagined that I'd get an opportunity like this one. I enjoy every second of it when we go out on the pitch to celebrate a title with all of the fans and the football team. It was an incredible experience".

On Laso
"Throughout my career I've had some good, tough and demanding coaches. I've enjoyed myself but what sets Laso apart is his attitude, which is really positive. He always supports his players so that we do well, but I've never had such a positive coach in all of my career. That gives you real confidence when I take to the floor".

Veteran's role
"It's tough when you're not playing and have to come on and perform. However, over the years you begin to understand that those are opportunities and you come to appreciate the role you'll play. When I come on, I have to give my all in offense and defense. One thing that Laso always says is that I've got points in my hand and when things are looking tough and we have to come from behind, I see it as an opportunity to deliver".

"When new players arrive, I have to speak to some of them and tell them that they'll have a role to play and that they'll have to understand it. I also tell them that if they fulfill their role, we'll enjoy great success as a team".

Message for the fans
"What I want to say to the madridistas is that here we are again, with real desire and we've already won the Super Cup. Thank you for your support last year, we're working flat out and are really excited at the prospect of repeating the feat and making sure you enjoy every game".


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