Entrevista a Rudy Fernández

Rudy: "If we perform as we did in the second half, we'll be in with a chance of winning the Super Cup"

NEWS | 14/09/2018

"We're starting to get into the groove and gradually we're beginning to see ourselves as a team that's aiming to win it all", stated Felipe Reyes.
Rudy Fernández and Felipe Reyes reflected on Real Madrid's 80-69 victory over Olympiacos in the International Costa del Sol Tournament. The Balearic-born forward believes the team are on the right track: "We knew right from the outset that we were going to be in for a tough game. We know just what a great team Olympiacos is. It had many players in the FIBA window and this was a match to allow us to get back into the groove".

"In the first half, we weren't very aggressive and that changed in the second half, particularly in terms of the mentality in defense and that was when we were at our best in offense as well. It's important to get the players who're away with their national teams back and if we play as we did in the second half, we'll be in with a chance of winning the Super Cup".
Growing into the game
"In the first half we dished just four assists and lost a lot of balls and that proved detrimental. In the second half, we committed just two turnovers and posted eight assists. That goes to show that when we play as a team is when we post better shots and that's why we won the game".

Reyes: "We want to head into next weekend's Super Cup firing on all cylinders and this tournament is important in that sense".

"It's always good to win these kinds of games. Whilst it's true that they're pre-season matches and are more like training games, it's here that we have to show the work we do in training. It's now time to rest up and get ready for the game against Unicaja”.
Reyes: "These games are good for us"
"We're gradually getting up to speed and are beginning to see the fitness levels of a side that has a chance of winning it all. That's our aim. We want to head into next weekend's Super Cup firing on all cylinders and that's why this tournament is important to us. These matches come at an early stage because we've only been back in training a short time and there are some players away with their national teams, but these games are good for us and allow us to build up our fitness, for people to get used to their roles and for the new players to settle. We're Real Madrid and we have to win all of the tournaments we're involved in".
Kuzmic's return
"We're happy to have him back. He's a player who, when he's on form and is fully recovered, will help us a great deal. What's more, he's a good guy and we're thrilled that he's playing and fighting heart and soul for the team".
"It's a pleasure to come and play in Málaga. We always get a warm welcome and we're delighted to play here. There's a big basketball following here and they were right behind us throughout".


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