Real Madrid - Leganés

Lopetegui: “I'll take away the hunger and passion I see in this team”

NEWS | 01/09/2018 | Javier Vázquez

“Benzema is a wonderful player, it's all down to him and his goals are helping the team”, said the coach.
Julen Lopetegui appeared in the press room at the Santiago Bernabéu following the victory over Leganés. The coach had the following to say on the clash: “We played well aside from a small spell in the first half. They were able to catch us by surprise and get the penalty, we were rushing things a bit. In the second half though, the team played well generally, with goals, chances and conceding very little to the opposition”.

“We're getting to know each other better as time goes by and we're able to instil this collective attitude of attacking and defending as a team. The players are understanding what we ask of them very well and they have the ability to improve further. Now we'll lose a load of players to international duty, but training is a chance to keep growing every day. Ratings are best saved for the end of the season, I'll focus on the hunger and the passion this group has shown to work hard. They want to work and improve in every training session and we're thrilled with their attitude”.

Bale and Benzema
“Goals are the responsibility of the entire team. There are players who find them easier to come by but it's something the whole team must help with and that's what we're trying to get across. Whoever scores them, we're absolutely delighted, and not just for the goal scorer, but because it contributes to this sense of the group that we're working towards. We'll be pleased whoever is scoring. I've not converted anyone. Benzema is a wonderful player, it's all down to him and his goals are helping the team and I'm sure he'll continue”.

“We've got fantastic options in goal. Keylor played superbly in Girona and he's been recognised as the best goalkeeper by UEFA. We've got some idea of where we're going to go, but whatever we decide, we'll try and make sure it's the best option for the team”.

I'll focus on the hunger and passion this team shows to work hard.

“The word untouchable does not exist in football. We have a way of playing, some good alternatives on the pitch and the bench. Sometimes the guy who comes off the bench can make or break the game. We are thrilled with this team and we’re going to keep working”.
Full backs
“The full backs play a key role in a team that has to attack and defend. When you only have one man down the wing it can be complicated. At times we did well, but I don’t think the wing play is the only area we should focus on. Our full-backs played well today in both the attacking and defensive aspects”.
“VAR was a new thing for us tonight. The technology was brought in to clarify things, and it was a goal. VAR helped fix that error, we all make mistakes. Normally when you see it clearly, that’s it”.
Benzema to win the pichichi?
“Well why not? The most important thing is for the team to win goals, it is not something that we force. The team work hard to get the ball up there and only one player can finish it off. Karim is great at that”.
Courtois debut
“We did not discuss plans. We knew Thibaut would play today, we’ll see about the rest. We have great goalkeepers here and we want to find the best solutions, it is fantastic to have competition in any position”.