Laso: “We've got a great team and we'll be fighting for every trophy”

“Real Madrid is bigger than any individual name and the strength of the group will make us better”, said the coach.
Real Madrid coach Pablo Laso spoke to Realmadrid TV to discuss all the latest surrounding the basketball team with Tertulia Magazine: “We've lost big players as we do every year, but Real Madrid is bigger than any individual no matter how good they are. We have to move on and think about building a winning team that people can identify with. The strength of the group will make us better. We've got a great team with fantastic players in every position, and we'll be fighting for every trophy”.

“Every season makes you reconsider and shows you new things. Last year was a real lesson for us. Many things happened, with injuries, guys coming in and some leaving. It was a difficult season but we had a wonderful last 50 or 60 days. We managed to win the League and the Euroleague. Now we're starting out on another season in which we'll be competing on all fronts and with things to play for from the off”.

Super Cup
“It's a trophy, it doesn't matter if it's the first. It's a tournament which comes very early on for everyone and playing in Santiago is always tough but we hope we can compete at a decent level and beat Obradoiro to reach the final. I'm a bit more relaxed than in previous years because the team is looking great in terms of going into the Super Cup able to compete against anyone”.

“The first two or three weeks have been good, with no injuries. In Burgos we sent out a very competitive team. The two new guys have settled into the team very quickly. A few guys will go out now for the FIBA Windows but we've got others like Pantzar and Kuzmic. They were two games that were a good reference point for us coming into the Super Cup”.

We hope we can compete at a decent level against Obradoiro and play the Super Cup final.

“Deck is a guy the fans won't know too much about. He's coming from Argentina where he's won everything. He's very versatile and a fantastic defender. He knows the game very well, he can play inside or outside and has real experience. Prepelic is more well-known because he's played in Europe. Fantastic hands, a great shooter and passer and he's settled in very well. They're two players who will really help us and we hope they'll grow with the team”.

“I always demand that the team compete from day one. We must have that competitive gene and the players have to be capable of giving that bit extra. We're lucky enough to see that every day in our captain, he's an example in this sense. We have to want to improve, this is Real Madrid and just getting here isn't enough, you have to give something more”.

“Ever since I arrived here I've believed Real Madrid basketball should get back to that DNA, with players who grow with the team, being educated in the home-grown philosophy. The work Angulo and the coaches are doing is incredible. We aspire to ensure the first team is always in good health, knowing they are well covered but these guys coming through”.

Support from the president
“He's the first to get that pride across. He told us we had to win the same again, and what we didn't manage to win, to go for that too. He gives us incredible support. He's the first to come down to the dressing room at the end of games. We feel very well backed by the president, the Board of Directors and all of madridismo”.

“He's a young lad who came here at 13 years old. We've got a special kind of affection for him. He's won everything with Real Madrid since the youth categories. We're proud that he remembers us and that he values everything Real Madrid has done for him. He's a great guy and we wish him the best of luck in what will be an exciting but difficult challenge for him”.