Clinic de la Fundación Real Madrid en Polonia

First Real Madrid Foundation clinics in Poland

NEWS | 11/09/2018

Over a hundred children and coaches took part in both Wroclaw and Warsaw.
The Real Madrid Foundation, in collaboration with Coerver, carried out their first football clinics in Poland. They happened in both Wroclaw and Warsaw., and for almost a week 77 girls and boys, along with 60 local coaches, had the opportunity to train using the Foundation's specific methodology.
This time around both the coaches and children showed a spectacularly high level of both motivation and effort. These characteristics are commonplace in a country that has such ideal conditions for playing sports, and it allowed the students to seamlessly assimilate into the knowledge, technique and values that the Real Madrid Foundation teaches through its methods.
Thanks to their collaboration with Coerver, the Foundation has carried out clinics in South Africa (Pretoria, Cape Town and Johannesburg); in the USA, with the Headquarters in Indiana; and at Real Madrid City with children from the UK, where the Foundation hopes to put on more activities throughout the season.