Real Madrid - Milan

Mayoral: "We were the better side"

NEWS | 11/08/2018

“I always dreamed of debuting at the Bernabéu with a win”, added Vinicius.
Mayoral sealed the win against Milan in the Santiago Bernabéu Trophy and shared his feelings: "Overall, I am very happy for how the team played, and individually I’m pleased with the goal. The team participation was the key. We were the better side. In the first half, it was a bit tough, but in the second half we improved on things. We are a great team and we are going for it this year. "
"On the preseason tour we lost a game, the first game. I thought we were better. Then we won the games that followed and it is vital to start the year in the best manner, which is winning here in front of our fans and in our stadium."
Vinicius: "The team are great"
"I always dreamed of debuting at the Bernabéu with a win. It does not matter if it is a friendly or not. I'm really happy. With the help of the whole team I am adapting as quickly as I can and more now in the preseason. I also have Brazilian teammates who help me like Marcelo and Casemiro."

Mayoral: "We are a great team, we're going for it this year".

"I'm happy, with a calm head and focus on helping Real Madrid. The team are great, and the players that played in the World Cup are picking up the pace. All the players are very focused when they get onto the pitch."

Sergio López: “Debuting at the Bernabéu was my dream”
“Debuting at the Bernabéu was my dream. The coach gave me a chance and we won the trophy. The Bernabéu is scary even when empty so when it is full the experience is crazy”.
“We are doing well. Today’s game sets us up well for Wednesday. We got better throughout the pre-season, the team started well and as the games went on the level has become incredible”.

Reguilón: "Playing at the Bernabéu is wonderful"
"Playing at the Bernabéu is a wonderful thing. Being able to play a game in this stadium with the fans supporting and clinching a win is fabulous. The team were good, we controlled it and little by little we created more chances".
"It's my first preseason and we worked with a lot of intensity and grit, we all wanted to go for it. We came into this with desire and enthusiasm to for the Cup".

Valverde: "This is an unforgettable night"
"I tried to give the best of myself and enjoy every moment with my colleagues and if things go well it is a bonus. It is an unforgettable night. I have played with players who are real stars and I tried to give my best. I learn a lot from them, they always give me sound advice, and I listen to them. "