Presentación de la tercera equipación

Benzema: “It's a very nice shirt and hopefully it brings us luck to win many titles”

NEWS | 06/08/2018 | Javier García (New York)

"It's a beautiful kit and it's aso for a good cause", added Odriozola.
The squad attended the presentation for the Real Madrid third kit for the 2018/19 season. At the end of the act and after a photo session with the jersey and with Manhattan in the background, the players talked about the kit and the state of the team. Benzema said: "It's a very nice shirt, I really like this colour, which is new. Hopefully, it’ll bring us luck and we’ll win lots of titles and score lots of goals and enjoy it".
"Real Madrid are the best club in the world and it’s a very important initiative. We’re working hard to reach a high level for the season. The team is going in to the last game in god shape, we’re working together and we’re ready to try to win".
Odriozola: "We’re preparing for what’s ahead"
"In my opinion the jersey is beautiful and above it’s for a good cause. We’ve got a preparation game and we’ll try to continue taking shape and preparing for what’s ahead, which is a very beautiful season. We’re looking for the optimal level and fine tuning, that the team is in good shape and we can take on what Lopetegui is transmitting to us. The objective of this tour is to prepare us well for the first title of the season, the European Super Cup, which we’ll go in to win".
Vinicius: "It's amazing to be in this presentation"
"I’m very happy to be here, and it’s amazing to be in the presentation of this jersey, so beautiful and comfortable. In addition, we’ve got the opportunity to end this wonderful tour in New York. We’ll go in to the Roma match we’ll get better than in the previous ones, because now we’re more confident, we feel better physically and tactically and we have everything to put in a good performance. The workouts are good, Lopetegui works hard with me to understand everything and that helps me a lot to adapt faster".
Vallejo: "The matches are leaving us with good feelings"
"I like the kit a lot and the issue of recycling is also important and one more point in favour of this new kit. It’s essential that we collaborate with something like this and the players in the club have to be proud of this type of initiative".

Vinicius: "I'm very happy to be here".

"It's been a good tour and, with the two weeks before at Real Madrid City, it's going very well for us. The matches are leaving good feelings and we hope that they continue like this in the game coming up against Roma. The objective is to pick up more rhythm, involving as many players as possible, and to try to win to leave feeling good ahead of the Bernabéu Trophy and the European Super Cup".
Reguilón: "It's a very nice jersey"
"It's a very nice jersey, as well as being for a good cause. I feel good and i'm picking up rhythm. Little by little, we’re picking up intensity and rhythm in pre-season. We’re going to try to continue with the game dynamics we had against Juventus".
"Real Madrid are the biggest team in the world. Wherever you go, people know you. You go to Miami and it's full of fans, you go to Washington and it's also full. It's the biggest team".
Sergio López: "It's a great initiative from Real Madrid"
"I think the colour and the shirt is beautiful. The team is prepared to win every title. It's amazing to be here with Real Madrid, the best team in the world, and enjoy these players. The coach told me to go out myself and be relaxed. As a child you dream of playing for Real Madrid and this opportunity comes to you. It's incredible".
León: "As a child you dream about this debut"
"From the first moment I saw it, I liked it. The colour is different and it’s a great idea. I've been in this club since I was eight years old and it's a dream to make my debut with the first team. I’ll continue working to gain the confidence of the coach. Day by day we’re improving every aspect. We are on the right path".