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Entrevista Jesús Vallejo

Vallejo: "These training sessions are very important to charge the batteries"

NEWS | 17/07/2018

"We're all looking forward to getting back to work and the season is begining in a very exciting way", he said.
After the second training session of pre-season, Jesús Vallejo spoke to and Realmadrid TV. The centre back, who is going in to his second season at the club, talked about pre-season and the important challenges the team has ahead: "The season is beginning in a very exciting way and something important that we must do is to prepare ourselves mentally from now on. These first sessions are very important, it seems like we’re very far from the start of the season and the titles, but these are the big session as they prepare the legs and charge the batteries for the season".
"The most important thing is to return and feel good both with the ball and physically. It’s also important to reconnect with our teammates and the new coach. At the moment everyone is happy and doing the pre-season here, at Real Madrid City, is positive because we have these great facilities at our disposal".
First impressions of pre-season
"We’re all delighted to be back in training at Real Madrid City. The holidays are over and we're all looking forward to getting back to work. We’ve had two initiation days, working hard on the physical side. Yesterday we did the medical check-ups and trained in the afternoon and today we’ve also done some training. Little by little we’re getting back the good feelings".
Assessment of his first season
"I’d say every time I was out on the field or training here I gave my best and I tried to help my teammates as much as I could. And of course, the titles we won, especially that Champions League, which was so special for everyone".