Open Media Day 2018

Ramos: “We have a classic team and we are going to fight tooth and nail in Kiev”


NEWS | 22/05/2018

“It is an honour to play another final in the Champions League, we want to play well”, said Isco.
The Real Madrid captain spoke at the Open Media Day, discussing his approach to the Champions League final. Sergio Ramos stated: “It's a moment in history and I hope we can lift our third consecutive Champions League trophy. We have a classic team and we should recognise that. We are going to fight tooth and nail to bring the Cup to Madrid."
"We beat very tough teams on the way here and we deserve to be here. We have another opportunity to defend our title and comes after working hard, it is a reward for sacrifice. We have managed to get to the finals and be comfortable. The team has a nice atmosphere around it, we all pull together, and that is what makes the difference for us. Being untied made us successful. "
Navas: "We are thrilled at the prospect of winning our Thirteenth European Cup"
"A final is a great chance. Reaching this final is very difficult. It is a privilege that we have and we need to make the most of this. It is the third consecutive final and the team’s fourth in five years. It has been a difficult season at times, but the run-in was very good. We are very excited to win a Thirteenth European Cup and we will give it our all. We are confident, looking forward, hoping to enjoy what the weekend brings with the fans. "

Isco: “This is a historic team”
“It is an honour to play another final in the Champions League with Real Madrid. We want to play well, so the fans enjoy it, we want the cup. Physically I feel alright. I was got a shoulder injury and had to deal with it for three weeks, but I worked well and came back as best I could. This team is historic, there are no limits and I hope we continue to keep bringing joy to the fans."

Navas: “It is a privilege that we have and we need to make the most of this”.

"The key is for us all to be focussed. We know we have a truly talented deep squad, but only eleven can play. The key for us is that we are all ready to go so that the coach can count on the entire squad. "
Lucas: "We must take the chance to make history"
"We are growing stronger. This is the business end of the season and we are doing things better and that is a good thing for all involved. We must take the chance to make history, because winning three Champions in a row is what we want. Things are turning out well for us lately and if I can help the team win, then I’m thrilled."
Mayoral: "A young squad in the final like this is a dream"
"Getting into the Champions League final, for a squad like ours, really is a dream. I love every day I spend here and I hope we can win on Saturday. If we get it, we can make history. I bounced back this season, I have relished it and I have learned from the best. It has been a learning curve this season. Scoring against Borussia Dortmund was great because it was my first game where I started in the Champions League. I'll never forget that night. "
Vallejo: "This is a huge challenge for the club and our fans"
" This is a huge challenge for the club and our fans and we have to bear things in mind in Kiev. This has been a stellar year, my first Champions League match was a proud moment for me. I got chills when I heard the anthem, because there is a lot of work behind it. The final will be a great match and we are prepared. We need to be intense, keep our concentration and go all out. "