Juventus - Real Madrid

Zidane: “Cristiano's goal is one of the most beautiful in the history of the game”

NEWS | 03/04/2018 | Javier García (Turín) | PHOTOGRAPHER: Antonio Villalba/Ángel Martínez

We can be very pleased, winning 3-0 away to Juventus doesn't happen all that often
Following his team's victory, Zinedine Zidane appeared in the media room at the Juventus Stadium. The Real Madrid coach began by discussing Cristiano Ronaldo's spectacular overhead kick: “It's one of the most beautiful goals in the history of football. I'm Real Madrid coach but I'm also a football fan. When I see something like that... it's only natural to put your hands on your head. I'm thrilled for him. He's a unique player because he's capable of these kinds of things”.

“I'm happy for Cristiano Ronaldo and we're happy to have him in our team. It was a spectacular piece of skill. The home fans applauding Cristiano at the Juventus Stadium is a big gesture. They were behind and they kept cheering their team on. This kind of thing doesn't happen everywhere”.

Comparison with his goal in Glasgow
“You can compare them but mine was more beautiful. This one is fresher in the mind and so is more significant. That's what Cristiano Ronaldo is all about. He does things that only he can do. Buffon was right, you have to tip your hat to these players”.

The 3-0 away win might flatter us a bit but the performance merited a result like that.

"Juventus enjoyed some good spells, in which they put us under the cosh, but we held firm. The 3-0 away win might flatter us a bit but the performance merited a result like that. We can be very pleased with our night's work. Winning 3-0 away to Juventus doesn't happen all that often". 

"He put in a big performance and I'm delighted for him. He's got real character and is a player who always wants to play. He did a great job in between the lines. The first goal was all down to him. He sat in behind  Ronaldo after Karim came off and did excellently. I'm really pleased for him and the team as a whole. It was all down to Isco, Cristiano too and Marcelo as well… It's a team effort and that's what you need to put in a performance like we have done tonight".

"He didn't feature tonight because others played and he performed a different role for the team. Gareth will get his chance. He didn't play tonight but we've got a game on Sunday and he has to be ready for that one".

His future
"I'm just focused on our day-to-day work. I don't look to the future because anything can happen. You can never say never. I feel very much at home at Madrid. At this club it's all about the results and as long as we continue to deliver them, I'll remain here"