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Ramos: “The big historical nights have been created by the team and the Bernabéu"

NEWS | 30/04/2018 | Javier García | PHOTOGRAPHER: Ángel Martínez

“Despite the result in the first leg, the most important thing is to go out focussed and approach the game like it's 0-0”, said the captain.
Sergio Ramos soke in the press room at Real Madrid City the day before the game against Bayern (Tuesday, 8:45pm CEST). The captain said: "I want to appeal to the fans because the big historical nights at the Bernabéu have been created by the team and the fans. Tomorrow is a final for us and it's a gift to us to be able to play in front of our fans. We need that affection and support from the fans that has given us a lift. I've had magical and wonderful nights where I have felt that warmth. A lot of players can't handle that pressure when the Bernabéu is on form".
"Having the opportunity to play in another final is extra motivation and a prize for the sacrifice, effort and consistency. We're very proud of the work done and of being just one step from being able to play in Kiev to dispute that desirable final".
Reactions in Germany after the first leg
"We have the upmost respect for everyone but we're more about doing the talking on the field. The history of Real Madrid is there to see, it's can't be taken away and if anyone has any doubts, they should look at the history books and look at the recent results. I think that Madrid have always played a massive part in the matches against Bayern and we want to continue that way".
The feeling in the changing room
"Despite the result in the first leg, the most important thing is to go out focussed and approach the game like it's 0-0, looking to beat the Germans, which will not be easy".
The approach against Bayern
"Although every opponent is different, we study where we can hurt them very well. We would have liked to do more in Munich, but that wasn't the case. The approach for tomorrow will perhaps be very similar. The result is against them so they must go for the game and we know that is where we can do a lot of damage. We know that we are lethal on the counter attack and hopefully we can use it and keep things solid defensively like we did in Germany. "
Can you play full back in Carvajal's absence?
"I've been playing centre back for a few years, but it is true that in some training sessions I move out to play at full back. It's a decision that the coach will have to take. There are players who can play very well in that position. When I'm asked, I have no problem adapting, but I prefer playing centre back".

Madrid have always played a massive part in the matches against Bayern and we want to continue that way.

"We're making what is practically impossible, look easy. Nobody had won two consecutive Champions Leagues and it seem easy that in recent years, Madrid have won three. That is extra motivation for the group on a day to day basis to continue working, breaking records and achieving goals".
Invincible in the Champions League?
"Playing eight consecutive semi-finals is special and if you add to that three more Champions League titles, it's amazing. Maybe there are people who think we are invincible but it's not the case. There'll come a day in which it's our turn to lose. But while we're there we have to do the impossible to try to win it with the upmost respect for every opponent".
What would it mean to reach the final?
"We don't like get ahead of ourselves, but it would be a reward for work and a reward for the sacrifice during the year. And with what it has taken to get there, we would like to have the opportunity to play it and defend the title".
"I hope he has a big future at Real Madrid because it'll be good for him and our team. It's difficult to get there but to stay there is much more complicated. He's a young with massive potential, he's very calm and doesn't let anyhitng get in the way of his objectives. He could be a great player for many years".
"Madrid educates you as a person and professional and Marcelo has become massive here. He's a great player, with a lot of experience, vital for our team and someone who has won everything that can be won in football. Hopefully we can all enjoy these last few years he's having at such a high level".
"The results speak for themselves. He's a great coach, he's already shown that and we're proud that he is the one who is leading us. When you look at his honours, that shuts up a lot of people. I hope he can keep doing it for a long time".
Guard of honour for Barcelona
"What Zizou says goes. There's too much made of the guard of honour. They've won the league title, which is what they wanted, and I think the guard of honour means as little to them as it does to us. We said that we're not going to do it. Let them enjoy the title and we'll stick to our business, which is to try to knock out the Germans and defend the Champions League again in another final in Kiev".