Rueda de prensa de Marcelo

Marcelo: “The fans will back us to the hilt as we look to get the job done”

NEWS | 13/02/2018 | Javier García | PHOTOGRAPHER: Ángel Martínez

“We don't have to prove ourselves to anyone, we're raring to go on and defend this title”, promised the Brazilian.
Marcelo spoke to the press in the pressroom at Real Madrid City in the build-up to Wednesday's game against PSG in the first leg of the Champions League last-16 (8:45pm CET): “We are really geared up as we go into this game, it's huge. We know what it means to win this competition and every Champions League game is a real motivation for us. I have won plenty of titles with Real Madrid, but I always look to train hard, fight to win even more. We're raring to go on and defend this title”.

“We don't have to prove ourselves to anyone, we know just what we are capable of. This is one of those big games that any player would want to feature in. We don't mind people talking about us, even when we get positive comments, it never goes to our heads”.

The atmosphere in the Bernabéu
“I'm always proud to have the privilege of playing at the Bernabéu, in front of our fans. I'm sure it will help us. They will will back us to the hilt as we look to get the job done. My message to them would be to lease keep on doing what you've done for us so far, it really is important for us”.

The system and attitude towards the game
“The coach has told us how we need to play. I don't have any preference to the system we play, I just want to be out there, playing my football. It's not the main issue. What will prove key is each player playing his role in the team. Zidane has said exactly what he needed to say to us and we'd follow him into any battle”.

PSG are an attacking side, this one is going to be wide open.

“PSG are a great side. It would be wrong of us to focus solely on Neymar. He is at the top level, but the collective is what often proves vital. We're looking at the whole team. We know what we have to do and we've had time to prepare. It will be a real challenge, we're not looking just at that front line, despite the obvious quality they have. They are an attacking side, this one is going to be wide open. Let's see how this first game goes then we can turn our attentions to the return leg”.

“The Real Madrid fans like watching the best players. Neymar is world class and any set of fans in the world would want Neymar in their team”.

“I speak a lot about the manager. For me he is an open person, he helps us achieve what we strive for, and pushes us on. He is a brilliant coach. Things are not going perfectly but I'm sure he'll get us on the right track again. He is patient, believes in what he is doing and we have every faith too”.

“We're used to it. There will always be pressure. I’ve been here 11 years, it's normal for me. We have to focus but remain calm if we want to win. We're not rocked by pressure, it's something we're used to contending with”.