Real Madrid -  Numancia

Zidane: “I'd like to have won it because it's what the players deserved"

NEWS | 10/01/2018

“We put in a good performance, but we were lacking a bit of stamina at the end”, explained the Whites' coach.
Zidane appeared in the media room at the Santiago Bernabéu to discuss his side's clash with Numancia which saw them seal a Copa del Rey quarter-final spot: “It wasn't easy for the players who get less game time. We put in a good performance but we were lacking a bit of gas in the tank towards the end. We were up against a side who come and run their hearts out until the final whistle and if you drop off physically, you really notice it. I'm pleased with everyone's performance, I'm happy for the guys who get less time on the pitch and I'm thrilled to have come through the tie”.
“The first leg was crucial. It was tough for the players who get less game time but I'm pleased with how they performed. The frustrating thing is the goal before half-time and another right at the end. Aside from that, we had a good game. I'm pleased with the team's performance and with the tie as a whole. We're in the quarter-finals and that's that”.

“I don't think it's a case of lacking rhythm. The opposition is important in football, they can make life difficult for you. You have to stay switched on at the end of both halves. We didn't play well towards the end because we were struggling a bit physically. I'd like to have won because it's what the players deserved, but we shouldn't lose our heads”.
The team's condition
“We're getting back to what we know and we'll do so calmly and with no problem at all. All the questions and what you're saying about poor playing style... that may be the case but we're convinced that we're going to come out the other side. I leave here satisfied, as do the players”.

It was tough for the players who get less game time but I'm pleased with their performance.

"We didn’t win the Fuenlabrada match. We did the same as now: we won the first leg and we drew the second leg. We can’t be happy when we don’t win at home. But I'm pleased because it was a serious game. We can do things better, physically we have dropped off a bit at the end".

The Mayoral change
"Mayoral didn’t have a problem, it was a tactical change and nothing else".

Contract renewal
"It's already signed. But as always, I go game by game and year after year. I can’t think about two or three years from now because it doesn’t work like that. Having a contract doesn’t mean anything".
Ceballos' position
"He’s a player who can play in a lot of different positions. At Betis he played in that position on many occasions. I wanted to see Marcos and Mateo in the middle and Ceballos on the left".
"We’re always going to get criticism but we’re going to try to change this situation. Today was a difficult match. A draw is not the best result, but we’ll continue to do our job in a positive way and at some point we’ll see the results of this hard work".