Carvajal: “The team gave it all they had"

"Villarreal were lucky to get the three points on the evidence of today’s game", said the full-back.
Carvajal spoke to the press following the team’s match against Villarreal: “The team gave it their all. The result doesn’t do us justice, Villarreal were lucky to get the three points on the evidence of today’s game. We’re on a poor run, but there won’t be many people out there today who can say we didn’t give it all we had or play some good football. We’re not in a good place, but the team has great strength and is united. We have to move forward and try and win our remaining games”.
“We should go home with our heads held high today, we gave it our best shot. We’ve got another go on Thursday and I hope we can take a good result. We’ve got to be realistic about LaLiga, it’s a significant gap and that can increase when they play tomorrow, but ultimately all we can do is think about the next game, win as many as we can and regain some confidence”.
“If we’d have gone in 2-0 at the break, we would have won 5-0 by the end. We’re struggling to open and close games, it’s something we have to work on, and when we manage to correct these details, the team will look better, but it’s nothing to do with mentality. We were effective in all aspects of the game and we played well”.
Referee’s performance
“I think it was a penalty on Cristiano, and a red card too. The officials are people just like us, and we didn’t lose the game because of the referee”.