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Rueda de prensa de Zinedine Zidane

Zidane: "We have to play at full throttle for the the full 90 minutes in the derby"

NEWS | 17/11/2017 | Javier García | PHOTOGRAPHER: Helios de la Rubia

“We’re in good shape for the game and fully focussed on what we have to do”, added the coach.
Zinedine Zidane has appeared at a press conference at Real Madrid City following the last training session ahead of the derby. The Whites' coach discussed the game this weekend at the Wanda Metropolitano (8:45pm CET):
“The team looks good. We’re missing a few players, but we’ll start getting people back slowly. We’re heading into the derby in good shape. We know how important this game is, as always. For people on the outside it’s a special match, but for me it’s three points and we're going to try and win it. We need to play at full throttle for 90 minutes”. 
“I'm not going to tell you what we're going to do to win it. It's going to be a hotly contested game, as is always the case in a derby. We're playing away from home in what is a new ground for us. I hope to see a good game of football. Everyone is going to do all they can do win it. We've analysed the game as ever, not just because it's Atlético, and we'll try to play our game”.
“They don't affect us. We know there's a lot of scrutiny surrounding Madrid, but we're above all of that. We're focussed on what we've got to do. We're not going to stop people having opinions, but we're relaxed. We just want to play and see a good game”.
Crunch match
“We don't want to slip up, we're going to give it all we've got. There are three results: you can lose, draw, or win. We're ready to put in a good performance, we want to do things well. Ultimately, we'll have to see what happens at the end of the game”.
Modric and Carvajal
“They're both ready. Luka was off colour yesterday but he's fine. Dani has been ready for a while now. He didn't go away with the national team because it was better for him to keep working here”.

Who is in better shape ahead of the derby
“All I want is to see a good game, and for us to win it, just as opposition will. One team isn't coming into it better than the other. We're level on points in LaLiga. My best memories of the derby are when they result in cup wins. It's not easy to go all the way. We met Atlético in the Champions League final, when we won and lifted the trophy”.
“I think this team look strong, I don't think they're worse. They're a convincing outfit who know what they're doing. They'll play a good game. We'll try and make things uncomfortable for the opposition and try and make sure they can't hurt us. I don't think Atlético are weaker than last year”.
Statements by Ramos and Cristiano
“I respect the question but I'm not going to respond. The good thing is that I've got two players who have made history at this club. Both of them know what we're playing for and they respect each other. One of them saying one thing, and the other, another, that's for you to discuss. We're relaxed on the inside and we're only thinking about tomorrow's game”.


“Sergio is very smart and he can say whatever he likes. The same goes for Cristiano. They're bright guys, they've been together a long time and have won a lot. Every now and then, for one to think one thing, and the other to say something else, it's not a problem. Things are resolved on the inside. There is no problem between Cristiano and Sergio. If you think there's issues between them, you're mistaken. It's part of life, and football, and if they're voicing their opinions that just shows they're alive”.
Do you want a Leganés win over Barcelona?
“Yes, of course. But nothing will change if Barcelona win it. They're playing before us, but we know we have to put in a good performance and play at full throttle for the 90 minutes”.
Strikers' form
“We've been working not just with Karim and Cristiano, but with all the guys who were here in the international break. I want all my players in good shape and to have a good game tomorrow. We've got to keep going, trying hard to find the back of the net. I hope tomorrow is a good game with goals for Karim and Cristiano”.
“It's not something we're used to. They have to keep training as they have been and put in an extra effort. It's not that they're not scoring, it's just they're scoring less. They've scored in the Champions League, even if they've notched less goals in LaLiga. The chances will come and I'm sure they'll keep scoring”.
“I'm frustrated because he wants to help the team. That's the most annoying thing. I don't think it's anything serious. I think he'll be out for three or four days and he'll be back fit. I'm sure he'll come back stronger than ever and I hope he'll be 100% next week and fit for the rest of the season”.
 Keylor Navas
“He's back out on the pitch and he's getting better every day. I can't tell you when he'll be back playing. He's already training a bit. I want Keylor at 150% and we'll take it day by day”.
Fight for LaLiga
“Life isn't about successes and failures. The important thing is how we're working. If we give it our all on the pitch, we'll get a good result. We're trailing Barcelona, I'm aware of that, but there's time to catch and overtake them. We can do things better and that's what we'll try to do. We're going to improve, that's what we're working towards and the players are ready and fully focussed. Everything will work out fine”.