Campo de estrellas: Causeur

Causeur: “When Real Madrid called I didn't think twice”

NEWS | 02/11/2017

The forward was the star of the latest episode of ‘Campo de estrellas’, on Realmadrid TV.
Fabien Causeur was the star name on the latest Campo de Estrellas program on Realmadrid TV. The Frenchman looked back on his life prior to signing for Real Madrid: “I didn't have to think about it for long. When Madrid came knocking at the door, I told my agent to negotiate as he wished, but that I wanted to play for Real Madrid. Not just so I can say I've played for Madrid but because I really think I can help the team”.

“I'm playing with teammates like I've never had before in my career, and they've helped me out a lot from day one. I really enjoy every match and every training session. I met Yusta first, and I get on really well with him. He's very young and still has a lot to learn, and I try and advise him. I get on with Campazzo very well too and we spend time together off court”.

“My dad played First Division basketball in France, and my mother did as well. When I was younger I played against kids who were much taller than I was and who would block every time I tried to shoot. I didn't really think about going professional. I played for Cholet Basket, which is a big club in France that has seen a lot of young players go on to play in the NBA. Gelabale was there too, who played for Real Madrid”.

“One month before the Final Four with Baskonia, I put my back out. It was tough because I had the pressure of wanting to play at the key stage of the season. I tried to get back training every week. I only managed to play three minutes of the Final Four. It was the moment I'd dreamed of throughout my career and I had such a bad time, I just wanted to go home”.

“I didn't have much choice because I finished the season with an injury. But I wanted to play in the Euroleague and I opted to go to Brose Bamberg. People thought it was a backwards step in my career, but I saw it as a crucial stage to get game time, stay healthy and win titles. I had some pressure on me because I came in as the star player and people expected a lot of me. It took me a couple of months to adapt but then I got into my stride and finished the season very well. It was a great year".

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