Rueda de prensa de Zidane

Zidane: “We're playing the first final to win the group against Tottenham”

NEWS | 16/10/2017

"We’re returning to Champions League action and coming up against a very good opponent motivates us", added the coach.
Zidane spoke in the press room at Real Madrid City the day before the game against Tottenham, corresponding to match day 3 of the Champions League (Tuesday, 8:45pm CEST). The coach referred to the match and analysed the positive streak at home: "It’s down to everyone's hard work. We’re always excited and want to compete well and were here to achieve things. We’re back in Champions League action against a very good opponent and that motivates us more".
"It’s always a test for us against every team. We now have two games against Tottenham. Tomorrow is the first group final. Both teams have the same points. It's going to be a good match for everyone who likes football and hopefully we get the three points".
"We could talk about Sergio for an hour. He’s our leader on and off the pitch. He’s our captain. As a player he has everything, he’s phenomenal. As a person, he is very principled. If he has to say something, he says it to your face. He has a lot of important qualities that help others. He is the club's captain and leader. I played with him for a year and he has not changed at all. He's still here and that means he's doing great".
"He is a good player and things are going very well for him. He’s essential for Tottenham. He’s good at everything and he’s always thinking about the goal in everything that he does. He finds spaces and has speed, he’s very complete. But Tottenham are not just about Kane and we’re going to prepare for this game well".
"People can talk and have their opinion. I have to do my job as well as possible and not do silly things. I’m not going to invent anything, I try to do thing in the best possible way. Many may say otherwise, but that's not going to change what I want to do".
"It's his natural progression. He already knows he’s an important player at this club. Every time he has the chance to play he plays well and is better every day. The good thing about him is that he can play in a lot of positions. Obviously, the closer to the forwards the better. But he can also play in the middle. It depends on who we play and the way we want to set up. The most important thing is that he’s improving because he’s very good".


"I'm not going to talk about the order of the ballon d'or candidates. It’s a prize that a jury votes on. I like Isco a lot because he’s always creative and tries things. Players who try thing to always end up being successful".
"I’m very happy for him. He works a lot, he’s very professional and always wants to improve. I have a lot of respect for Cristiano, he’s an example for everyone. It's good that he scored in the league, he’s already scored a lot of goals in the Champions League. We want him to be comfortable and scoring lots of goals".
"He’s trained well, he’s with us and has no problems. Tomorrow you’ll see if he plays".
State of the team
"We're going to play a lot of games, the season is very long. Three players are missing, but gradually things are returning to normal. During the season there’ll always be difficult times, but lately we’re winning and improving. That's good for everyone".
"I can’t tell you the date they’ll return. With Dani we have to wait, but every day is one less. He’s really looking forward to coming back with us. Mateo needs more time, but he’s getting better. Regarding Gareth, I can’t tell you if he’s going to be back for the second game. I hope he’s back with us soon"
"We all know Luka’s qualities.  He is an important player. When he plays, he plays very well, but when others play they also do well and find spaces".
One hundred matches at Real Madrid
"I’m not going to give myself a grade, I’m happy. My lifetime goal was to play in Spain and I’m at the best club in the world. My passion now is to continue coaching this great club. I hope to be here another ten games, I’m not going to say 100 more because that’s a lot (laughter)".