Acto de renovación de Isco

Isco: "Madrid have allowed me to fulfil many dreams that I had since I was a kid"

NEWS | 15/09/2017 | Javier García

"I'm very proud to continue representing the best team in the world", he added.
After signing his contract extension, Isco spoke in the press room at the Santiago Bernabéu accompanied by the director of Institutional Relations, Emilio Butragueño. The man from Málaga expressed his feelings: "I’m very happy and proud to continue representing the best team in the world. Winning 11 titles in 4 years is amazing and I didn’t expect it. We've earned it and now we have to remain ambitious because this team always wants to win more".
"Real Madrid is the biggest club in history. Everyone wants to play for Real Madrid and I’m lucky to do it with the best in the world. Madrid have allowed me to fulfil many dreams that I had since I was a kid, like winning the Champions League and playing with the national team...It’s the biggest club in the history of the game”.
"I grew up here as a footballer, I’ve improved. I score more goals now because I play closer to the area. Zidane has been important in this, he put me there. I had the patience to wait when I wasn’t getting the chances that I thought I would. I was always very clear that my idea was to be a success at Real Madrid".
"The coach has been important to me. He’s given me confidence in difficult times. He’s got it right because I'm playing a bit more advanced. I'm close to the goal and getting assists. The coach knows how to get the best out of me and knows me very well".
Rumours about other clubs
"Never. As I said, my idea was to succeed at Real Madrid. I've had bad times but that makes me savour the good moments. Three Champions Leagues in 4 years is historic. I still have the hunger that the team has to continue winning titles".

I´ve grown up as a footballer at Real Madrid and Zidane has been very important to me.

"Maybe there was some contact but I was clear. I never heard anything. My intention was to succeed here, in the team that put their trust in me when I was at Málaga. The goal now is to continue improving, consolidating as a starter and winning many more titles".
Best and worst moment
"It is difficult to choose the best memory among so many successes. I would say la Décima, which was something all madridismo wanted. Bad moments, the injury I had at the beginning of last season".
"You never know. Football is very complicated. My intention is to be at Madrid for many years and hopefully I can renew a lot more times. I could have renewed last year but we were focused on the league and the Champions League and we decided to sign at the beginning of this season".
"People know how football is. You have a good game and you're the best and you have a bad one and you're no good. You have to work and do your best to be there as long as possible".
"We have a competitive squad. We are all starters, although the coach can only start with 11. With the rotations the team worked very well last year. I feel an important part of the team. It’s important to get to this level but also to stay here. The best players in the world are both at this club and in the national side and that keeps you on your toes, making you work as hard as you can. That’s my intention".