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Zidane: “We're on a great run of form and we've got to make it count”

NEWS | 19/08/2017 | Alberto Navarro

“Deportivo are a team with quality players and they play some good football”, added the Real Madrid coach.
Zinedine Zidane has appeared in the media room at Real Madrid City for his pre-match press conference. The Whites' coach took the opportunity to send a “message of support to the families of all those involved in the attack in Barcelona”, and discussed his side's LaLiga curtain-raiser: “We're on a great run of form and we've got to make it count. We're up against a team full of good players who know how to play”.

“They're a team who will go out to play well and they're at home as well. Every game will be difficult, they're on their own patch and they'll do all they can to put in a good performance. Their fans will be cheering them on and the most important thing is that we play our game, as we always do, and not think about the opposition. All I'm interested in is what we do out on the pitch”.

LaLiga opener
“The key for us will be hard work, as it always is. That's what will lead to us winning things. We're working well and we're in great form. We have to make the most of that. It's a long season, there are 38 games and last year we won LaLiga in the final fixture”.

Praise for the squad
“I don't know if it's the best in the world but we have certainly got a wonderful squad. I'm sure we can improve because we've got a lot of young players who can always keep learning. The aim is to try and improve because this year will be tougher. Until the 31st of August, anything can happen at any club”.

“We're all in the same boat and we all want to do the same thing. You've got a team and there are big players around. Everyone wants to do a good job and teams will always make changes”.

Every game is important in our attempt to win LaLiga, which will be a long-run thing.

“We know we're the team to beat. That's always the case at Real Madrid. It's a big game for every team and we always think the same thing: every game is important in our attempt to win LaLiga, which is a long-run thing. We've got to start strongly and every game will be a tremendous effort for us”.
“I am fully aware of what each player adds to the team, and he's doing a phenomenal job every time he gets a chance. We're all well prepared and we've got a game tomorrow, then on Wednesday in the Bernabéu Trophy and then another LaLiga clash next weekend. It's a long season, but we're focussed and we have to keep going in this direction”.

The LaLiga title
“Winning it was the best moment of my career. It's a very difficult title to win, and doing so in the final game was exceptional. It's won by consistency and that's something unique. We've got 38 matches and we want to try and win LaLiga once again this time around”.
“He's fine. He's training consistently and that's crucial for him. He had a few niggles last year and then he was out with an injury for four months. He's had a good pre-season. He's physically fit, he's not suffering any discomfort and I hope it's going to be a big year both for him and for the team”.

“I already told you what I thought the other day. It was an exceptional case. I've never complained about the referees. The other day I said the sanction was too severe. We appealed it and we'll appeal again and that's that. All I'm focussed on now is tomorrow's match and the job we have to do”.