Barcelona - Real Madrid

Ramos: "We’ve taken an important first step, but there's still the second leg”

NEWS | 14/08/2017 | Alberto Navarro (Barcelona) | PHOTOGRAPHER: Ángel Martínez

"The tie isn't over yet, there is still the home game", added Marcelo.
Real Madrid beat Barcelona in the first leg of the Spanish Super Cup played at the Camp Nou. Ramos spoke about the team work at the end of the game: "In this type of games with players of such a high level and with so much quality, you can’t relax or switch off at any time. We’re very happy with the team performance in a game where there’s a title at stake".
"We’ve taken an important first step, but we can’t get carried away. It's a good result, but there's still the second leg and anything can happen. It’s important to highlight the team performance and not just the result, the group has worked very hard in a physically demanding game due to coming up against an opponent who are very difficult to defend against".
Cristiano Ronaldo’s fall
"I was a bit far away, but I think there was contact and he lost balance, at no time does he look to cheat. It’s a big call to send off a key player in a Clásico with 10 minutes left when there’s so much at stake, it needs to be looked at differently”.
Luis Suárez’s penalty
"There’s a lot of tension in this type of match, but for me it wasn’t a penalty".

Ramos: "It’s important to highlight the group's hard work".

"I would have to see it and asses it again, but I don’t think the referee has blown for nothing, knowing he can get it wrong. For those of us who were close by, there was nothing in it".
“I’d like to congratulate him, he has an innate talent and hopefully he stays hungry, He keeps scoring goals that make the difference. Aside from this, we have to highlight the team performance. Mateo Kovacic, is always left to do the dirty work but today he gave everything as he had the job of marking Leo”.
Marcelo: "There is still the second game"
"Madrid have taught me to fight for this badge. The team is in good shape, we look at ourselves and our badge. We have to improve many things and there is still the second game, it’s not over yet. Apart from the rivalry is the spectacle, that’s the best part about football. That's the nice thing".
Cristiano’s sending off
“Cristiano being sent off was bizarre, but sometimes that can happen. Referees can do things incorrectly in addition to the things that they do correctly”.
“Barcelona will always be Barcelona, a huge club. They have won everything and Neymar is great, but Barcelona will always be Barcelona”.