Real Madrid - Manchester United

Ramos: “It’s important to kick things off by winning a great trophy”

NEWS | 08/08/2017 | Alberto Navarro (Skopje) | PHOTOGRAPHER: Ángel Martínez/Antonio Villalba

“It was a difficult game but we controlled it well”, said Bale.
Real Madrid won the first title of the season in Skopje after beating Manchester United in the final of the European Super Cup. Ramos evaluated the team’s work at the end of the game: “When the result looks to be in your favour and there’s not long left, the opposition has nothing to lose and they can throw everything forward, but we were able to dig in, we defended well and we were the better side. It’s important to kick things off by winning a great trophy, it’s the best possible start.
"Today, good football and commitment have prevailed. They looked to play direct, with players who are good in the air, but the team held their positions well and stayed calm. It was a great performance”.
“I’m very happy and I’d like to dedicate this to the fans for their constant support, both those who have travelled here tonight and those who were cheering us on from home”.
Bale: “We want to win everything”
“It’s great to add another trophy to our collection. It was a difficult game but we controlled it well and did what we needed to win it. We’ve been training in very high temperatures and that helped us tonight. We want to win everything”.

Keylor: "We always want to win every trophy we’re playing for but we have to take it one step at a time".

“I’m focussed on playing football and I don’t listen to or read anything. I’m enjoying playing here and that’s all I’m thinking about. Nothing has changed”.
Navas: “We worked hard to come into this game in the best possible shape”
“It’s another title and we were very hungry to win it. We worked very hard in pre-season to come into it in the best possible shape and the team put in a great performance today. I’m happy to have added another trophy to my career collection and to have been a part of winning it. We always want to win every trophy we’re playing for but we have to take it one step at a time. Now we’ve got tough games on the way as we play for another one”.
Varane: "The team always responds well"
"We've worked so hard the last few weeks to get to this point and fight for a trophy. We’re very happy because when it comes to competing, the team always responds very well. We’re very well prepared physically, we had a great game. I don’t know where the limit is, we work hard and we’re aware of how difficult it is to win titles and the sacrifices that are needed. We continue to grow and we are eager to keep going".
Carvajal: "We’ve worked hard"
"I’m very happy for the assist but above all I’m happy to have won the title again. We’ve been working hard for this month, people could have been worried by the pre-season results, but they are friendlies and serve to help us pick up pace. We’ve worked hard and you could see that out on the field. In a few days we have the Spanish Super Cup and they are two very demanding games".