Rueda de prensa de Zidane previa a la final de Cardiff

Zidane: “We're in great shape to play this well-deserved final”

NEWS | 02/06/2017

“Juventus aren't just about the 'catenaccio', they go forward very well too and they've got some very good attacking players”, added the coach.
Zidane appeared in the press room at the National Stadium of Wales to discuss his side's Champions League final against Juventus. The madridista coach expressed his confidence in the team: “We're ready. We've worked extremely hard to get here. We've won LaLiga as well. We're in great shape and now it's time to play this well deserved final. The most important thing is that all of us are ready to play this match”.
“There's no pressure. At Madrid we live with pressure every day. I've experienced it as a player and as a coach. We all know what this club is about. They're saying we're favourites but football doesn't work like that. It's a final and anything can happen. It's 50-50, there are no favourites. We're going to try and do everything we can to win the Champions League once again”.
“If you'd told me when I was a kid that I was going to experience all of this… Now I'm living it and I'm enjoying it. I'm the coach of this team but there are a lot of us here. We are experiencing something incredible. It's very special to be playing another final and we're all ready”.
“Many things can happen over the course of a match. Each team is going to play their own game and we know we're up against a great side. We all want to see a beautiful final”.
Leaving players out
“There will be players who won't get the chance to pull on the shirt and that's the most difficult thing, but it's my job. It's tough knowing that they can offer something to the team and that six of them won't get the opportunity to do so. But we're all in the same boat”.
Cristiano Ronaldo
“He's a good guy and he looks out for others. He's outstanding from a professional point of view. He wants more, even just in the training sessions. He always wants to win and that rubs off on the team. He's got something inside of him that makes him a born leader. If we'd have been playing in the same era, he would have been the star because he's a goal scorer and that's the most important - scoring goals and not conceding them”.


“I don't think they'll come out to shut up shop. It's going to be an open game on both sides. I've lived there and they say that in Italy it's all about 'catenaccio' and they've got that side to them but there's much more to it than that. I'm expecting an open game”.
Isco or Bale
“I'm not going to say who will play. They could play together, as I've already said. The most important thing is that we all head into the game physically and mentally prepared”.
Alves' statements
“Everyone's entitled to their opinion. He wasn't there but people can think whatever they like. I'm only thinking about tomorrow's game”.
“The best thing about making it to the final is that all the players are motivated. Our players know what it means to be at Real Madrid. We're not going to change anything that we've done so far. We're going to be disciplined, stay calm and give it everything we've got”.
Role to be played by the centre-mids
“Every position is important. Scoring goals in the most decisive and it's not easy. I was a good footballer, but I didn't score many goals. I've scored the odd important goal, but not many. The role of the centre-midfielders is very important too”.
“I don't know what will worry Juventus, probably the entire Madrid team. Juventus are not just defence, where they are very strong. They are very good going forward as well. They've always had an excellent team but now they've got some very good attacking players”.