Rueda de prensa de Ramos previa a la final de Cardiff

Ramos: “We've got a chance to make history”

NEWS | 02/06/2017

“We're very motivated, excited and eager to defend the title”, he said.
Sergio Ramos appeared to face the media ahead of the Whites' Champions League final clash with Juventus at the National Stadium of Wales (8:45pm CEST): “We've got a chance to make history, and it's all down to us and we've got to forget about the trophies each of us has won and think that this is the first title we're going to get our hands on. We've very motivated and excited by the prospect of being the first team to win two Champions League's in a row".

“It's a huge game between two great teams and it's a chance to vindicate what we're doing as a team. It's a wonderful stadium and a wonderful opportunity for the best players in the world to show how good they are. We have to stay focussed, make as few mistakes as possible and be at the highest level”.
Champions League form
“After so many years where Madrid didn't get the chance to win the Champions League, we have to treasure every moment in this new era. I'm honoured and thankful for every moment and I'm aware that football has given us this opportunity to play in another Champions League final. To do that three times in four years is ridiculous and we're going to do all we can to bring home the trophy”.

Evenly matched final
“In a final, both teams are starting from scratch, there's no advantage. Us winning the league doesn't give us anything extra that might give us the edge in the final. The group is pleased with the effort we've put in all year but tomorrow will be a very tough game. We know the opposition we're up against and we've both got the same chance of winning it”.

Zidane is the key cog in this machine.

“The numbers and the statistics speak for themselves. We're proud of what we've achieved since the first day Zidane came in here. He had the task of bringing together this difficult dressing room, which other coaches have tried and failed to do. I hope he stays with us as long as possible and that we can set ourselves on the way to a great era of winning titles. He's the key cog for us in this machine”.
Madrid in finals
“It's true that throughout history they've played more than any other team. But we don't live in the past and we keep trying to give it everything out on the pitch so we can go away with our heads held high, knowing we did all we could. That's what is demanded of us by the badge and by the fans. Whatever happens tomorrow, I think they'll be pleased with the attitude of this group. There's something special about playing in a final and for us it's an opportunity that this sport gives you to take home another title. History speaks for itself and it's no coincidence".
Goals in the final minutes
“The spirit at Madrid forces you to fight to the end and that hope is the last thing that we must lose. Until the referee blows the final whistle, it's possible to turn a result around. Hopefully tomorrow we won't suffer as much as we did to win the Champions League in Lisbon”.
Keylor Navas
“He's grown the longer he's been at Real Madrid and the tough times he's had to go through have helped him to learn. That's what Madrid demands of you and now he's showing his best form of the season. He was crucial in the final LaLiga games and I hope on the few occasions he's called into action tomorrow he's equally as inspired and that he stays here for a long time yet”.