Acto de proclamación de Florentino Pérez como presidente del Real Madrid

Florentino Pérez: "Real Madrid transforms history into legacy"

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NEWS | 19/06/2017

"We're embarking on a new term after having witnessed one of the best seasons in our history", added the recently elected Real Madrid president.
Florentino Pérez assumed his position of re-elected Real Madrid president at a ceremony held in the presidential box at the Santiago Bernabéu. In his address, the Whites' president declared: "Our Real Madrid is a modern club that at the same time maintains its traditional values, a Real Madrid that shows its solidarity, is innovative and acts as a role model throughout world sport, a Real Madrid that is united in its quest to achieve the apparently impossible. We will fight for this Real Madrid that we're so passionate about, a Real Madrid that transforms history into legacy".

José María Paz Casañé, the president of Real Madrid's electoral commission, gave the opening address and announced that: "After having examined the only candidacy presented within the stipulated deadlines, and given that it satisfied the imposed requirements and by virtue of article 40, section e), point 2 of the club's current bylaws, Mr Florentino Pérez is declared president".

Following the screening of a video featuring the club's on-field successes over the course of the past four years, the president, who is about to embark on his fifth term of office, opened his address by expressing his thanks to the club's members for their support: "At the heart of all of this is the togetherness that exists between everyone and it's essential to the winning formula at this club. When there's unity, this club is unbreakable and this enables us to look to the future with optimism. Our members bear our values and history. We've got 115 years of history behind us and that's thanks to their loyalty and the passion they show for this badge and our shirt. We've witnessed their affection and drive, just as we have with all of the Real Madrid fans from all over the globe, those who make madridismo universal".

Pérez also spoke of the ambition which has always characterised the club throughout its history: "We're embarking on a new term after having experienced one of the best seasons in our history. My dedication and commitment will always be there as I seek to maintain the club's values and secure as many pieces of silverware as possible. We'll work hard to ensure that Real Madrid is named the best club of this new century. Real Madrid is legendary for its excitement and the accomplishment of impossible challenges throughout over a century of history. Our club is, and should be, one where the utmost is demanded, because the dreams of our members and supporters are the only things that define the direction we take. We have to give our best to make sure that this club lives up to its past". 

We'll go about our work without any complacency to go on making history.

As for the club's on-field feats, he commented: "Real Madrid has once again done something that nobody else has achieved to date. On the footballing side of things, we've built a legendary team featuring the best international and Spanish players, in which our academy also enjoys a prominent role. We're a team led by Zidane, a symbolic figure for madridismo, who in a short space of time has become the best coach in the world. In basketball we've got a modern side who play some stunning basketball that the fans can identify with. We've lifted 19 pieces of silverware in four years, but we're constantly looking to exceed ourselves and must maintain and build on this cycle of trophies. We'll go about our work without any complacency to go on making history".

During the course of his address Pérez also referred to the Santiago Bernabéu and Real Madrid City: "We've laid the foundations for the renovation work on the Santiago Bernabéu, with the work set to make the stadium into an iconic state-of-the-art landmark that the city and our fans will be proud of. Real Madrid City is constantly expanding and draws praise from those who visit it. Furthermore, we're on the verge of completing the construction of a corporate building and the club's offices".  

Finally, the president spoke of the work carried out by the Real Madrid Foundation: "Our solidarity is expressed through the Real Madrid Foundation, we've opened over 400 socio-sporting schools and believe that it's vital to fly the flag for solidarity. We want to end up with 1000 social outreach schools". The event was concluded with a group photo featuring Florentino Pérez, the 16 members of the board of directors and the club's honorary president, Paco Gento. 

Real Madrid's president and board of directors:

Mr Florentino Pérez Rodríguez  Member 2,486  President
Mr Fernando Fernández Tapias  Member 30,031 Vice-president
Mr Eduardo Fernández de Blas  Member 5,471  Vice-president
Mr Pedro López Jiménez  Member 12,787  Vice-president
Mr Enrique Sánchez González  Member 14,344  Secretary
Mr Ángel Luis Heras Aguado  Member 1,807  Board member
Mr Santiago Aguado García  Member 1,982  Board member
Mr Jerónimo Farré Muncharaz  Member 2,896  Board member
Mr Enrique Pérez Rodríguez  Member 6,962  Board member
Mr Manuel Cerezo Velázquez  Member 11,488  Board member
Mr José Sánchez Bernal  Member 12,841  Board member
Mr Gumersindo Santamaría Gil  Member 17,764 Board member
Mr Raúl Ronda Ortíz Member 18,579  Board member
Mr José Manuel Otero Lastres Member 19,149  Board member
Mr Nicolás Martín-Sanz García  Member 21,210  Board member
Mr José Luis Del Valle Pérez  Member 46,101  Board member
Mrs Catalina Miñarro Brugarolas  Member 53,469  Board member