Rueda de prensa de Zidane

Zidane: "If we think it'll be easy to win in Granada, we're mistaken"

NEWS | 05/05/2017 | Javier García

“There aren't many games left and we know the three points will be crucial for us”, added the Real Madrid coach.
Zinedine Zidane appeared in the press room at Real Madrid City on the day prior to his side's LaLiga clash with Granada. The Whites' coach discussed the team's motivation levels heading into the game: “We need to get into our heads what an important game it is for us and if we think it's going to be an easy game, we're mistaken. There aren't many games left and we know the three points will be absolutely crucial for us. We'll try and play the best we can, give it our all on the pitch as we always do and keep doing what we're doing”.

“Granada have nothing to play for and that makes it even more difficult. They're up against Real Madrid and they've got some quality players. We could say it's been a bad season because they've gone down but they're a team who have shown all year that they deserve to be in the Primera División. We're going to prepare well for the game and do the best we can”.

Injuries at the back
“Fabio will be with us tomorrow. Pepe is looking good and I think he'll be back next week, but he won't make it tomorrow. Varane felt something again but it's nothing serious, we just don't want to take any risks with a player who's feeling discomfort”.

The season
“We haven't won anything. We may win titles, we may not. All we know is that we have to continue doing everything we're doing every day until the final minute of the final match. That's what we want to do, further than that we don't know what'll happen. I'm not concerned. I like the fact we're working with humility and respect for everyone we're up against. That's how it's going to be until the end”.

His work as a coach
“I try and do the best I can. I'm aware of the reality of what's expected of me but I'm not going to change anything. We know what this club is like, it's the way it is. You can't rely on anything other than results. This club is in my heart, but I know where I am. If you don't win, you're sent home, but that doesn't stop me from dreaming, trying to win everything possible and working hard”.

This club is the best thing that's happened to me in my professional life.

“I know I understand football and that's the most important thing. The president and Real Madrid gave me the chance to coach this great club and I come to work every day with a relentless hunger to do that. People can have their opinions on me, I'm not going to change. I'm focused on trying to progress and that's what drives me, especially being at this club, which is the best thing to have happened to me in my professional life”.

Is Cristiano Ronaldo closing in on another Ballon d'Or win?
“Of course he's close to winning the Ballon d'Or. It's all on his own merit and he's won lots already, but he's closing in on the next one. He's respected by everyone. By all the Real Madrid fans, the club, supporters and the coach. You either love Cristiano Ronaldo or you don't. There's no middle ground”.

“I speak to him a lot. He knows himself very well and he knows that he's been playing more than 50 games a season up until now, but with the accumulation of all these games, now he has to rest a bit. I'm not the coach who is leaving him out, it's not like that. I chat to him a lot, as I do with all my players, and sometimes they have to rest if we want them to come into the closing stages at 100%. It's a case of dialogue with the players”.
Four midfielders
“We started out in one way and we can finish with another. That's always been the case. The BBC are international superstars, who are fantastic players, but the fact is we can start in one fashion and finish with more balance if the match calls for it. With wide players, you can attack and defend, but if I make a change it's not always just to defend, but to attack as well”.

“I'm happy with the BBC and with everyone. They're all doing a good job, the BBC included. There have been few games when we haven't looked good. It's difficult to pick the team because they're all great players and they do a fantastic job. The BBC are doing a wonderful job too”.

“He's a Real Madrid player and is very committed to this club, it's where he's grown up”.

The banner at the Bernabéu in the Champions League derby
“I've seen a lot of banners at every football stadium and that's part of football. They're always going to be there and when they're against you, you're going to be annoyed. But they'll be there all the same and it's something you can't change”.

“He's having an exceptional season and anything else is just talking for the sake of talking. I'm focussed on the players I have here and nothing else. It's not right to talk about players that I'm not coaching”.