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El Real Madrid presenta su app en China

Real Madrid expands its App for China

NEWS | 28/04/2017

The aim is to bring everything to do with Real Madrid closer to fans in this market.
Real Madrid have just launched the Chinese version of the Realmadrid App. In the action plan that the club put in place for their digital transformation, the aim is to bring everything to do with Real Madrid closer to a huge potential market, that is both special and continues to grow, that has always given its support to the club.

The appreciation for football in this country has been shown through attendance at pre-season tours where some of the biggest European clubs visit, and the fans have always shown the passion they feel for everything involving Real Madrid. In recent times, many famous players and coaches have gone to the Chinese Super League to help improve the footballing experience there.

The expansion into this Asian market is not limited to the new App, as the official club website has been available in Chinese for the last three years, and a new version will be launched next week. From now on, fans from this market will have easier access than ever to the best content through the new App and