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El Real Madrid y Microsoft presentan la primera audioguía interactiva para visitar el Tour Bernabéu

Real Madrid and Microsoft present the interactive audio guide for visitors on the Bernabéu Tour

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NEWS | 03/04/2017

"Thanks to the technology we will offer an even richer experience for our visitors”, said Emilio Butragueño.
Real Madrid and Microsoft presented the first interactive audio guide for the Bernabéu Tour in the presidential box at the Santiago Bernabéu. An initiative which incorporates the most advanced technological features, with the objective of making the visit to the stadium and the museum an innovative and fun digital experience. The event was attended by Emilio Butragueño, director of Institutional Relations of the club; Sebastián Lancestremère, CEO of Microsoft Sports; and Morata, Casemiro and Yáñez from the first team squad.
Emilio Butragueño spoke about the new digital tool: "The Bernabéu is one of the most emblematic places in the world of football and thanks to the technology we will offer an even richer experience to our visitors so that those who come don’t forget their visit to the Santiago Bernabéu".
"We have forged a rich legacy from previous generations and that forces us to aspire to lead in all areas, including digital, in which we work with a world leader like Microsoft. We have been the first global brand to reach 100 million followers on Facebook and one of our goals is to keep growing in the digital environment with Microsoft. Thanks to the digital world, the direct relationship with our fans will be more enriching".

Butragueño: "One of our goals is to keep growing in the digital environment with Microsoft".

"Real Madrid is what it is today fundamentally because of the achievements of our players and the people who throughout our history have made us grow. The tour began with a clear objective: to create a common space for Real Madrid and lovers of sport in general. A place to share the achievements of our team and the dreams and emotions that we have experienced in this stadium. Thousands of people come every day and it is a source of pride to see their excitement".
Lancestremère: "We are going to provide a new experience"
"We have been technology partners with Real Madrid for three years now and many more working with the Foundation. This guide is an important step to continue digitising all areas and to be able to offer a new service and a new experience to the thousands of people who visit the Bernabéu Tour".
"Microsoft's mission is to help people overcome the obstacles and challenges they are facing. In sports, we talk about fans who passionately follow sports and they are becoming more technological, so that we can offer them new experiences and the possibility that the passion can be experienced anywhere that they are".
Morata said that "technology allows us to be closer to the fans and that is very good. The world evolves with technology and Real Madrid does it along with Microsoft. This audio guide is a fun tool for visitor on the tour". Yáñez explained that the audio guide will make the "tour experience more complete".