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Encuentro de peñas en Gijón

Fan group meeting in Gijón


NEWS | 15/04/2017 | Javier García (Gijón) | PHOTOGRAPHER: Helios de la Rubia

Florentino Pérez attended the event before the Sporting game.
Today marked a celebration for all madridistas in Gijón. A few hours before the game against Sporting (4:15 h, CEST), the Silken hotel in the Asturian town hosted a meeting of 150 Real Madrid fan groups. The President Florentino Pérez was in attendance and took photos with the fans, who shared their warmest wishes with him.
Beforehand, the second vice president, Eduardo Fernández de Blas, spoke to the fan group members: “Thank you all for your loyalty to Real Madrid. I would like to thank you for the great welcome to Gijón. It is an honour to come back here and witness the unity of all of you madridistas. It is thrilling to see that this feeling can unite people all around the world”.
“Your support is fundamental. the fan groups are pillars that support and give cohesion to this feeling. Our players know that you never let them down and together we can get the win. I hope that you uphold the values that have Real Madrid a universal club. Thank you for this tireless support".