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Entrevista a Sergio Llull y Sergio Ramos

The Sergios line up together in training

NEWS | 14/03/2017

"Get a Sergio in your life and you'll find that things will go much better for you and that all will run smoothly", insisted Ramos.
Sergio Ramos and Sergio Llull trained alongside each other in today's workout and the pair afterwards reflected on their decisive interventions in their teams' victories over Betis and Barcelona. As the captain of the club's football team explained: "Get a Sergio in your life and you'll find that things will go much better for you and that all will run smoothly. I'm really satisfied with the side's collective efforts and it's not just all about what I do with my head. We've got a fan base that gets behind us and supports us and whose excitement right until the final whistle is really noticeable. They're also the ones who help to put the ball in the back of the net".

"We've got some great set-piece takers and I'm so pleased that this piece of play saw us secure our objective, which were the three points. On a personal note, I always remain positive and optimistic and you've got to fully believe that you can do it right up until the last. It's part of the DNA of this badge and the club's history and that makes it our duty to fight until the end".

Llull: "I always fight until the end and trust in my ability"
"In the final minutes, I always try to choose the option which is best for the team. That's why it's important to have the coach's trust and that of your teammates, fight until the end and have faith in your own ability. It's a great joy to have made a basket like the one I did the other day because it handed us the victory and we want to be winning games of that standing. We'll be fighting for glory in all of the competitions that we're still involved in and we'll be going all out".