Valencia - Real Madrid

Ramos: "We've got to keep calm because we've given a good account of ourselves here"

NEWS | 22/02/2017

"We're top and we've got to keep on working", declared Casemiro.
Sergio Ramos spoke to the media following the Whites' rearranged Matchday 16 clash in Valencia and the captain had the following to say: "Whenever you lose, it's always very easy to draw conclusions, but we've got to remain calm because we've given a good account of ourselves here. Today's defeat hurts because this was a key opportunity to have extended our advantage at the top, but we've got to move on and think about our next game. The LaLiga season is a very long one".

"It was a really intense game and we would have liked to have put some points on the board because this was our wild card and a chance to have increased the gap on our rivals. Ultimately, two mistakes at the start have ended up costing us the game. We came out looking to put in the sort of the performance we needed to, applying the high press and they've gone and punished us on two chances".

The opposition
"Despite the season that they're having here at Valencia, we knew that everyone gives every last ounce against us because coming up against Real Madrid gives them that added drive. They managed to make the most of their chances and then held onto their lead".

Casemiro: “We didn't have the luck we've had on other occasions to produce a fightback”
"We lost the game in the first 10 minutes, in which they made a brighter starter than us. We then tried to fight our way back but we didn't have the luck that we've had on other occasions. We knew that if we went out in that fashion they could hurt us, because they play some good football. They got two goals in 10 minutes and that’s cost us the game. You’ve got to come out the blocks quickly, because if you don’t go into the game focused in LaLiga, you can end up losing it”.

LaLiga position
"We come away feeling a bit cross. It’s frustrating to lose the advantage we had over our rivals but we must stay calm. We’re still leading the race and we have to keep working hard. We now face Villarreal, which will be a very difficult game".