Osasuna - Real Madrid

Isco: “I am sorry for Tano's injury and I hope he recovers as soon as possible"

NEWS | 11/02/2017

“We won thanks to our determination and grit”, stated Marcelo.
Isco scored the second goal in the win in Pamplona and highlighted his role within the team: “Osasuna are a team that play well, and El Sadar is a fortress to play in, the pitch was not in good condition. We suffered until the last and got the three points, which is what we wanted. It is a really important win and we won 1-3 having suffered, that is a good feeling. I am happy with the goal and happy to help my team out with my work”.

“Tano's injury was due to a poorly timed lunge. we went in knee-to-knee, and he stayed down. It really is awful that he suffered such a bad injury. I am sorry and I hope he recovers as soon as possible. I haven’t looked back at the footage; it was a chilling moment and It is horrible that it happened”.

Milestones for Ramos and Nacho
“Sergio is a real leader and 500 games at Real Madrid is something very few players manage. Nacho is a player who does everything right and it really makes me proud to have two teammates like them”.
Marcelo: “We fought hard and kept running”
“Playing here is difficult, Zidane told us that before the game, and their fans really pile on the pressure. We fought hard and kept running and at the end there, with determination and grit, we got the three points. We were really eager to play after so long away”. 

Praise for Nacho and Ramos
“Nacho is an incredible player; he plays well wherever the coach plays him. He pushes himself in every training session and every match and gives everything. In terms of Ramos we know he is a great leader, a big brother, and I hope he has many more games to come here”.

Keylor: “The LaLiga season is a very long one and we have to continue on in the same vein”.

"Over the course of these days we've rested up and that's done us good because the pitch wasn't in a good state and it took more out of us to get the ball back. We put in a great performance. We're not thinking about the rearranged fixtures and we knew that it would tough and that we would have to win here to hold on to top spot".

Injury to Tano
"It's tough to see the kinds of things that we've seen today, I send him my best wishes because he's got a career ahead of him and I hope that he makes a swift recovery. I also hope that Danilo's injury isn't anything serious. I felt a bit tired towards the end, but I thought I did well and was fresh".

Keylor: "The three points leave a sweet taste"
"We'll fight for the points wherever we go. We've come here to a tough place to play at and the three points leave a sweet taste. The LaLiga season is a very long one and we have to continue on in the same vein. We know that we now face a tough game in the Champions League, but we'll be going into it just as we always do".

"I try to work hard every day and ignore those sorts of things. I don't gain or lose anything with all of that. Madrid has to have the best players and I work hard each day to be the best, be amongst the best players and to be able to stay here for many years to come".

Support from Florentino Pérez
“That's very important for me, he's displayed the trust he has in me. I'm relaxed and I try to repay that faith with saves and by helping the team".