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Real Madrid - Granada

Zidane: “We're doing a great job and people are enjoying it”

NEWS | 07/01/2017 | Javier García

“I underline the team's discipline, from beginning to end, showing respect for the opponent and playing with intensity" added the coach.
Zidane was in the press room at the Santiago Bernabéu to discuss his team's victory over Granada which cements top spot and continues Real Madrid's great run of form: “It's important for us to win games, but the manner in which we do it is significant too. People are enjoying themselves and the most important thing is that we're doing things well and taking it seriously. If you can do that, the fans have a good time and we do as well”.

“What I'd like to underline yet again, is the discipline from the first minute until the last, how we showed respect for our opponents and played with real intensity. When we lost the ball we pressured really well, and of course when you score early on it makes things easier”.
“Winning is the most important thing for me and for the players as well. It's crucial that in the build up to the game everyone does all they can and are 100% committed. With the players we've got here, if we do that we can do great things and win a lot of games”.
Praise for Cristiano
“I'm happy for him because it's very well deserved. The rest of us here with him haven't got four Ballon d'Ors. It's a bit strange to do it before the match but that's the way it is and everything's gone fine in the end”.
Madrid in his time as a player and now

“I don't like to make comparisons. Our team was a great side and today's is just the same. It's always been like that here, Madrid has always had the best, some incredible players. We're showing that now and we're doing a great job”.


“We have had a week in which to work hard after the holidays. It has served us well to help start the year in this way. We have to keep showing what we can do for the rest of the year”.

Clean sheet
“That really is key, not just for the goalkeeper, but for everyone. We are doing well and it's great to keep a clean sheet. In LaLiga it is not so important, but in the knockout stages of the Copa del Rey against Sevilla it's absolutely vital. If we can keep this up then that's great”.

Squad rotation
“All the players are important for me and they all have to play. Perhaps some feature more often but when you have a group of 24 players that’s how it goes. I always tell my players that we will win things as a unit, despite the difference that one or two players may make. With this many games they can all play. We can make squad rotations so that all players feel valued”.

“It's satisfying to match this record but the main thing is what we are doing out on the pitch. We now have another game against Sevilla to play and I know we'll be up against it. We know no limits and will do all we can to keep this performance up. We have to show it in each game. Every competition is important and we do not give more importance to one over the other. The idea is to give our all in every game and be ready physically and focus so that we can achieve great things”.