Real Madrid - Sevilla

Zidane: "We played an almost perfect game"

NEWS | 04/01/2017 | Javier García

"The first half was spectacular, with intensity and goals", added the coach.
Zidane was satisfied after the victory against Sevilla. "I don’t know if it's the best since I arrived, they were 45 very good minutes, good spells of football and with intensity. We worked on that and we got it. When you start the game like that and you score, it sets things up for the rest of the game".
"It’s obvious that starting the year like this is very important. It is what we wanted and we prepared for it. We wanted to put a lot of intensity in at the beginning and score and it couldn't have gone any better. We must continue like this, we know that it's a long road and that after every game everything is questioned again".
"He's had a good game. He’s scored two goals and done an important job, like everyone else. I'm happy with how he played and that's the same for everyone else. I’m also happy for the minutes that Morata and Asensio got...We also had a great game at the back. It was a game that came after the holidays and it was very good. We are happy with the result and the performance".
The set up
"Some of those who played haven’t played as many minutes as other and they did very well. The outcome is not the most important thing, how we prepare the game is more important. The idea is to have the clear intention of what we have to do out on the pitch. The first 45 minutes were spectacular, physically and technically, an almost perfect match. It's a knockout match and keeping a clear sheet was important".
"When you play a different player, the important thing is that he gives you something. We had a good game, but we also play well when other players play, different to those who have played today. We have an important group and the players are happy to see their teammates who have played less minutes out on the field. Players were missing due to injuries and we cannot change that. But when others play and do well, the coach is happy".


"I talk to them and tell them that they are all important. Of course there are some players who are more important than others but in the end we’ll win with everyone. One player can make a difference, like Cristiano always does, he’s a different player. To win everything we want, we are going to need everyone. The season is long and there are a lot of games. We're going to need all of the players".
The opponent
"Sevilla are very good team and full of confidence. Playing how we did against them gives you more satisfaction. There is a second-leg and our qualification is not certain. We are now going to rest and prepare for the league game on Saturday before the second-leg of the cup, which is going to be difficult in Sevilla".
"I’ll not rest him on Saturday. He’ll play, and he’ll play a lot of games. Don't worry".
Unbeaten run
"We don't talk about that much in the changing room. When a game comes we try to prepare well and try to win, but without thinking about the run of games without losing”.