Zidane: “The fans are going to get behind the team; we're with them and they're with us"

NEWS | 28/01/2017 | Alberto Navarro | PHOTOGRAPHER: Helios de la Rubia

“We're going into the second half of the season and we have to show the same consistency we've managed so far”, added the Real Madrid boss.
Zinedine Zidane appeared to face the media in the press room at Real Madrid City on the day prior to his side's meeting with Real Sociedad. The Whites' coach had this to say ahead of kicking off the second half of the LaLiga season: “The standings look very favourable for us. We're in the fight for LaLiga and the Champions League. We're happy with what we've done so far, but now we're going into the second half of the season and we have to show the same consistency we've managed so far, knowing that it'll be tough but very special at the same time”.

“The fans will get behind the team tomorrow, that's the important thing, that we're with them and they're with us. With the backing of the crowd, we're always going to win games. I believe in them, they're demanding but that's good for us. With their support, I'm sure we're going to win it, there's no doubt in my mind. I'm not at all concerned”.

Real Sociedad
“Being knocked out of the Copa del Rey won't have any effect, we're up against a team who make life very difficult. They've improved and were on a run of winning every game. They can cause you problems at any given moment”. 

“He's ready to play and he always wants to be involved. He doesn't go missing, he's got character and confidence in his game. He needs the help of his teammates and especially the support of all the people who come to cheer us on. He's ready”.

“He's having a great season. We know what he can do on the pitch and the fans always demand more from their players. He's got the character and the personality to accept that. I'll always give him my support and he's never going to go missing. I'll always be behind him, even more so when players are receiving criticism from outside”.

“Everyone's entitled to their opinion, but I can agree, or not. We have to keep working hard and believing in the job we're doing, that's all. It hurts whenever people criticise any of my players, but being at Real Madrid you are open to that criticism, it comes with the territory. Every player is important for me”.

Real Sociedad can cause you problems at any given moment.

“The president comes down every now and then, when he feels like it. He always has positive messages for us. We want to keep working, he encourages us in that and we've got his support, and the support of the club in general”.

“I've got no kind of favourable agreement with Benzema. He's a fantastic player and he's Real Madrid's number 9, alongside Morata, and Mariano is here as well. You're doing your jobs, and I accept the criticism. Every player can always do more and us coaches always ask more of them. Everyone has their opinion but he's not doing a bad job. He's scored a lot of goals and he looks good to me, committed. All Karim and I have in common is the language, that's it. I'm not going to discuss campaigns”.

“It's normal for all of us to receive criticism, but he's strong and all he wants is to play and do the best he can for the team. I want the players to give their all and everything he offers is crucial for us”.

Marcelo's injury
“I don't think he'll be out for a full month, I hope not. He's in good spirits and he wants to get back running, like he did yesterday and today as well. I'm pleased to see him back after several days out but we'll take it one step at a time and won't do anything silly”.

“He was out there with us today and I'm pleased to see him back. The idea is to have him back on the pitch next week. I hope this time he comes through unscathed. He's much better, he's not feeling any pain and I hope to have him back with the group next week”.

Coentrão's recovery
“Fabio is in a process of recuperation. He's much better but he needs to work extremely hard. We have a game every three days and he's not been able to do a lot of work. Physically, with his injury and the length of time he's spent out, this is a normal process. He's improving every day and from now until the end of the season I hope to count on him just as anyone else, but we've got to take things slowly”.