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Sevilla - Real Madrid

Ramos: “We achieved our goal and continue on our unbeaten run"

NEWS | 12/01/2017

"The team proved their mettle right till the end”, stated Marcelo.
Sergio Ramos scored Real Madrid's second goal on their visit to the Sánchez Pizjuán and were thrilled to make it through to the quarter-finals: “We're happy because we achieved our goal and made it through a tie against a team who always makes it difficult for you. We can improve on certain things but we didn't lose and we continue on our unbeaten run”.

“Being at Real Madrid, you're forced to fight until the end and despite the fact we looked to be going through, the team reacted well and earned the draw. We're happy to be through and now we just have to wait for the draw”.

The next LaLiga clash
“We know it'll be another tough game against Sevilla, who are in a great position, but we'll do all we can to take the three points”.

“I came here to play a long time ago, it wasn’t the reception I was hoping for but you have to respect it. I asked for forgiveness and my celebration wasn’t meant as a lack of respect or an insult to anyone. This will always be my home despite those who choose to boo me. I’m not going to change my style of play because my team needs me and I am the captain of Real Madrid. I am both a sevillista and a madridista”.
Marcelo: “Sevilla pushed us all the way”
“Sevilla are a great side and we knew the game would be like that. They pushed us all the way and in the end those three goals from the first leg really helped us”.

Nacho: "The bond this team has is really strong and we fought to the end".

“We had to be patient, it was ninety minutes of football, and in the end we played brilliantly. We are not thinking about the run we are on. We are just looking at things game-by-game. The important thing is that the team proved their mettle right till the end and we will keep on fighting”.

Casilla: “Asensio’s goal was vital”
“Sevilla at home, with their home support, fight until the death. They fight for every ball in every single game and they showed that. We knew how to turn the situation around and we are still unbeaten. Asensio’s goal was vital to help us not suffer too much, because we knew that they would come out as they did in the first leg. It doesn’t matter who we get in the draw, we have to go there and win”.

“When you leave you’re a place that has been your home, it’s tough to go back and have certain fans insult you. He is respectful and perhaps some fans didn’t understand the situation. Sergio has done load for Sevilla and I would have one the same thing”.

League commitments
“The LaLiga game on Sunday is key. If we win we will round off a great first half of the season. We still have to play the postponed game with Valencia and these two games really are vital”.

Nacho: “We didn’t let our heads drop”
“We really had to dig deep and we weren’t comfortable in the game right from the off. In the end, we managed to get a draw and we’re happy to continue the unbeaten run and be through to the quarter-finals. We have to keep moving forward”.
“It’s no mean feat, that’s a lot of games unbeaten. The bond this team has is really strong and we fought to the end. We were behind, but the team didn’t let their heads drop. These runs are positive if they lead to winning titles at the end of the season”.

Ramos jeered
“He’s our captain and for the national team as well, and these things don’t affect him. Being from Sevilla, it will hurt that people are insulting and jeering him but he’s thick skinned. He’s got the goal, which was crucial for us, particularly with how the game was set up. The fans were a bit cruel with him, but these things happen in football”.