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Visita institucional y formativa al proyecto de Calcuta

Institutional and training visit to Calcutta project

NEWS | 23/01/2017

Over 200 boys and girls learn about life values through the practice of sport.
The head of Roadis in Asia, Nithyanand Appakudal, paid a visit to the socio-sporting project run by the Real Madrid Foundation and the IIMC (Indian Institute for Mother and Child) in Calcutta, where they were joined by Álvaro Santos. The guests were hosted by the founder and president of the IIMC, Sujit Brahmochary, and were accompanied by the head of the Foundation's International department, Rosa Runcal; and José Muriana, director of IIMC in Spain.

The IIMC centre boasts a hospital, a sponsorship programme, a sewing centre and a nursery, all of which are aimed at the lowest income sector of the local population. The visitors also had the chance to witness the work being carried out at Chakberia School, the Sonarpur Health Centre, as well as the workings of the micro-finance programme. Over 200 boys and girls benefit from the programme, learning about life values through the practice of sport.

Training course
This institutional visit also coincided with a specific training course which took place this week for coaches and focused on the club's methodology. The course, which was delivered by coaches from the Foundation, was entitled: Por una educación REAL: Valores y Deporte.(For a REAL education: Values and Sport.)

Since 2011
This visit saw Roadis, as the patron of the partnership, offered a first-hand insight into the importance of their involvement towards the work done by the Foundation and IIMC at the Calcutta socio-sporting school, which began back in 2011 and six years on has been greatly strengthened by the signing of this agreement. Roadis' managing director for Spain, José Antonio Labarra, explained: "This agreement sees Roadis contribute to the Real Madrid Foundation's activities in India, where we will help the IIMC to transform the lives of hundreds of children".