Zidane: "We’re coming in to the Club World Cup in good shape and we will do everything to win it"

NEWS | 12/12/2016 | Javier García (Yokohama)

"I loved the welcome from the Japanese people, it was spectacular," said Marcelo.
Zidane and Marcelo spoke to the media before starting the team's first training session in Yokohama. The coach explained his feelings ahead of the Club World Cup: "We arrived well, now we must rest. We have three days to work and we’ve arrived in good shape. We feel very good and are happy to be here".
"The goal is to try to do everything to win this tournament. The first time I came here was in 96 and it’s always good with the Japanese. They are very affectionate people towards Real Madrid".
The journey
"Today is a difficult day because we didn’t sleep a lot and arrived with jet lag. We’ll rest today. I personally feel dead, but no problem. The players are going to rest and tomorrow we'll be better off for a night’s sleep".
Intercontinental Champion
"I'm not going to talk about what I've done. It's totally different. It's another competition. Many of the players know what the Club World Cup is. It's a competition that we want to win and we're going to try". 
Champions League and Ballon d'Or draw
"The coaching staff has already been watching the opponents, it is normal, and we will also watch the draw. I’ll probably be awake by 4, when the Ballon d'Or is announced".
Marcelo: "Real Madrid always has the obligation to win"
"We have not had time to sleep much but we are happy to be here representing Real Madrid and there will be time to rest afterwards. It is a very long trip and you have to prepare for a very nice tournament like this. It has been very difficult to get the Champions League and we are happy to be here".


"Real Madrid always have the duty to win when they play in any tournament. We always have to give our best to win. We are here and really looking forward to winning. There are two games and we have our minds set on winning them both".
Arrival in Japan
"I loved it. The reception from the fans has been spectacular. I had never been to Japan, it’s been a dream since I was little to be here and I have brought my family".
Ramos’ 90th minute goals
"When Sergio scores people think it's easy to get to the 90th minute and score, but it's not. He works hard, he deserves it and it's no accident because he's looking for the ball".
Cristiano and the Ballon d'Or
"He deserves it and will win. But he will be focussed on resting because we have two very important games. He’s probably a bit nervous to find out, I hope Cristiano wins and everyone knows my respect for him".