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Zidane: "We're league leaders and extend our good run"

NEWS | 26/11/2016 | Javier García

"Cristiano is like that, he can score at any time", stated the coach.
Zinedine Zidane took to the media room at the Santiago Bernabéu to reflect on his side's victory over Sporting, a result which sees the Whites tighten their grip on top spot: "Today we can only but but happy with the three points, but we can't be happy with the performance. At times these things happen, you score two goals and are in the driving seat and then a goal changes the game. They went into the break looking brighter than us. There was a lot of rain out there and we showed less concentration and that's all there is to it. The game became a bit difficult for us".

"We've got reason to be happy because we're top, we keep up our good form and we have to continue on in this vein. It wasn't like a cup final for us but it was an important game and it was one we struggled to win. Sporting played well, but we didn't perform as we expected to. We'll continue to have tough games between now and the end of the season. Sides that are struggling in the league can make life difficult for you".

Cristiano Ronaldo's goals
"You always ask me the same thing. Cristiano is like that, he can score at any time. When he doesn't score people think that he hasn't played well. He played well with Karim in the middle and dropped out to the wing, working hard and he's back on form".
"I don't consider him to be disinterested. He played well, as did the others. He may lack a bit of rhythm, but I'm happy that he got some playing time".

"We play on Wednesday and he'll play then. He didn't play today because I made other changes, he was fit to play. He'll play on Wednesday and he'll be ready for El Clásico like the rest of them". 

Sporting performed well and made life tough for us.

“Pepe looked good physically and injury free. He is ready and I am glad he has made his return to the fold”.

Changing Kovacic and Ramos
"Mateo picked up something, and suffered from the knock he took, but it is nothing to worry about. He told me and I took him off. I was only focussed on today’s game and things turned out well for us. I took Ramos off at the end to give Marcelo some time. We didn’t want to risk things and wanted to give Marcelo some game time”.

Positive statistics
“It is positive but not individual, it is the sum of the team’s efforts. What we have to highlight is the players’ hard work, what they do every day. I have always said this is the best team in the world and we achieve that through hard work. You have to congratulate the players on these stats because if we work together we can achieve great things”.

“Our aim is the end of the season, because I remember as a player being top of the league at one point and not winning anything at the end. We have to keep working and wait for the end of the season to say whether or not this has been a good or bad season”.

El Clásico
“I am not worried. We haven’t lost or won anything. You are never going to get easy games. When we have a lapse in concentration we are made to pay dearly. Now we must turn our attentions to the Copa Del Rey match before el Clásico and keep working”.