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Pepe: “We suffered as a team and deserved the win”

NEWS | 26/11/2016

“The were three important points to help us go into el Clásico with an advantage”, explained Nacho.
Pepe returned to the starting line-up against Sporting and spoke about the game: “It was a really difficult game, a lot of rain and strnge weather. The team knew how to suffer as a team and  we deserved the win. EI am happy to come back, help out Real Madrid and defend the shirt. We got three important points which could make the difference in the long run. We all deserve congratulations because we worked as a team”.

“I felt good despite it being a tough, difficult game, in which we knew they would give all in order to snatch the points. We started well, scoring twice but perhaps we didn't jkeep up the intensity.  The most important thing is that we got the result having fought as a unit. It ws a complicated game, in which we suffered a lot to win but that is the sign of champions”.
Nacho: “We started the game well but we started to doubt ourselves”
We started the game well and got a two goal advantage. After that we relaxed a bit. We started to doubt ourselves and the second half was not our best. These three points are huge for us as we now go into the Clásico with an even better advantage”.

Mission accomplished
“I don’t think it was a case of relaxing in the game. These are not easy games, The weather was not great, it affected the pitch but we can’t make excuses. We didn’t play our best football but the  important thing was getting the three points”.

Keylor Navas: “We are on a relatively positive run and the team are taking a modest approach to it all”.

“I’m not sure if I caught him or not or if it was enough to give a penalty, I don’t really want to get into all of that and the important thing is that we won”.

Keylor: “We got the win without playing that well”
“It was not our best game but there are always going to be games when the team doesn't play well. We cannot be conformists but we need to be happy because we got a win in a game in which we were not particularly good at all".

Unbeaten run under Zidane
“We all try to do what the coach asks of us. We are an organised team, who know what they are doing. He has every faith in us and we go out onto that pitch to enjoy the game whilst understanding the responsibilities we have. We are on a relatively positive run and the team are taking a modest approach to it all. The team are always solid in training and everyone gives their all”.

Upcoming games
"We'll now focus on the Copa del Rey game, which is an important one for us and we'll have to take seriously. We want to win and progress in the competition. There'll be plenty of time to think about the Barcelona game, which is a fixture we all want to be involved in and we'll really enjoy it. Let's hope we manage to win it".

Message of support for Costa Rica
"Things are tough right now in my country. I trust that people will be able to get their homes and everything they had back and that they can get on with their lives because this is a tough time for them".