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Entrevista a Casemiro

Casemiro: "I'm working hard to come back even stronger"

NEWS | 05/10/2016

"We mustn't forget that we won the Champions League with this squad and I'm sure we won't fail”, he added.
Casemiro is working hard on his recovery so as to be in a position to return to the side as soon as possible. The Whites' midfielder spoke to Realmadrid TV and to share his feelings on his injury: "The challenge was a really strong one, but I've forgotten about it now. I know that it's a case of taking things gradually, it's a bit of a tricky injury, but I'm working hard to be back as soon as possible".

"When I'm not out there on the pitch and can't help out because of an injury, of course I'm angry because I want to help my teammates and give my all for the team. It's pretty tough being out and not being able to help. I know that my teammates want me to be back and fully fit and I'm calmly working away to get to that level and come back even stronger".

The team's situation
"I'm just as important as the rest of the players, but without my teammates I wouldn't be important. You have to value all of the members of the squad. We know that we're fine, we're towards the top of the table and you have to take that into account. We couldn't be feeling any better about things. We're top of our group on four points and are doing well in the Champions League. We mustn't forget that we won the Champions League with this squad. I always say that people believe in us because we won the Champions League, we've got a very strong squad and I'm sure we won't fail".

Club and national team
"For me, it's a source of pride to play for Brazil and Real Madrid. Every time I'm included in the squad I want to play. It's a dream come true to play for my country and Real Madrid and I try to enjoy the present each and every day".