Real Madrid - Stade de Reims

Zidane: “We are ready for the first game in La Liga”

NEWS | 16/08/2016 | Javier García

“I am happy with the squad and with the players we have”, added the coach.
Following the win against Stade de Reims in the Santiago Bernabéu trophy match, Zinedine Zidane spoke to the press about his team's performance: “Today was about being able to watch all of the players in action. We won the game and that will be out last friendly. Now we must prepare for the first game in La Liga, we are ready to play”.

“It is clear that when you concede three goals at home then certain things have not gone the desired way, but that is all part of the preparations. We have not conceded many goals in pre-season”.
“James is here, I am happy with how he played and he will be staying here. I will always respond in the same way to that, I'm tired of having to give a response. My stance is not going to change”.
The squad
“We are going to wait for the 31st. I don't think we will be bringing players in. The squad is complete, but anything can happen. I am happy with the squad, with the players we have and that is that”.


“If you want to put another central midfielder into the mix then it becomes complicated. Cesc is a great player but it is not very straightforward. I am going to end up with a squad where three or four players do not get selected. To therefore put another player in there makes it difficult”.
Financial outlay
"It's not always necessary. Regardless of what happens, I hope to be here in a year's time and I'll say the same thing. I'm happy with the players I've got, these same players won the Champions League. What I want us to do is to work hard all year round, because you don't just win things because you're Real Madrid. You have to work and that's all I want from the players".

Stade de Reims
"They put in a good performance. They're a team who are looking to gain promotion to the top flight and they played well and scored three goals. Perhaps that was down in part to our errors, but also to their attacking ability".

"He knows what he's going to get here. All of the players know the score, I'm not here to mislead anyone. I'm going to put out the best team in every game. We need him if we're to have a good season, I've got a great squad here".

"We'll have to see. For the time being he's here with us. He's a Madrid player, he hasn't be unveiled as a signing because he's come up from Castilla. We'll see what happens between now and 31 August, but right now he's here with us and he's happy".