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Real Madrid - Sevilla

Marcelo: “We deserved to win”

NEWS | 09/08/2016 | Javier García (Trondheim) | PHOTOGRAPHER: Ángel Martínez/Antonio Villalba

“The game was almost lost, but we kept trying and Ramos' and Carvajal's goals came”, said Lucas Vázquez.
Marcelo highlighted the attitude of the squad in the win over Sevilla in the European Super Cup: "Pre-season has been very difficult but today we deserved to win. The team is not just eleven, there are many more players that train very well and help a lot, as we have seen today".

“There are always emotions in finals and Ramos has again made us happy when he equalised. The whole team has worked hard and fought”.

Lucas: “We've shown again that we've got a great squad”
“It was very difficult. The game was almost lost, but we kept trying and Ramos' goal came and then the spectacular goal from Carvajal. He deserved it more than anyone and showed what a great player he is. The team has shown again that we’ve got a great squad and we've got a lot of depth”.

Casemiro: "The Real Madrid shirt is that: fight until the end". 

“Ramos is the first that never gives up and he's always there in the important moments. A player of his level is incredible for us. We are happy with the title and for everything. In the end, in those decisive moments you always have that extra, that desire and intensity which we have seen today". 

Casemiro: “I'm the happiest person in the world”
“We've celebrated it quite a lot because we had to work for the win, although we're used to it now. The Real Madrid shirt is that: fight until the end. You have to congratulate everyone. We obviously wanted to win before the game but you have to evaluate the opponent and they play good football”.

Depth in the squad
“We've got the best squad in the world and we've shown it. You could see that both teams weren't at their best physically and you have to congratulate Sevilla because they played very well. We are growing and we have to keep fighting and working because there's a lot ahead. We have worked a lot in pre-season and you can see. I'm the happiest person in the world”

Joke in Zidane's press conference
“The whole squad has a lot of love for him and we wanted to make the joke. We have to enjoy it with him because he deserves it”.