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Real Madrid - Sevilla

Florentino Pérez: "We've got an extraordinary squad and our ambition is to win it all"

NEWS | 09/08/2016

“Winning the European Super Cup isn't easy and we've won the last three that we've played in", added the president.
Florentino Pérez expressed his satisfaction in the wake of the European Super Cup triumph over Sevilla: "We're very pleased because it's not easy to win the Super Cup and we've won the last three we've played after winning the Champions League. It's deserving of a lot of praise and all the more so at the start of a season in which, after the European Championships, not all of the players are available".

"Sevilla also had players out, but I'm happy that there were five academy products in our starting line-up. It's very satisfying and bodes well for the future. I have to congratulate Sevilla on a fine performance. You're always you're left feeling a bit of sympathy: you see your pal looking down and you think how that would have been you had you not won it".

Stunning goals
"The two spectacular goals from Asensio and Carvajal were the best part and I told them that when congratulating them. It's destiny that this should happen to Ramos, but I've already told him off and said that he has to score earlier on, we're not up for all this suffering".

The squad
"We've got an extraordinary squad. We've still got to work very hard and our ambition is always to win it all. We've got a great player in every position on the pitch. Up until 31 August anything can happen, but we're really satisfied with the players that we've got. It's very difficult to improve our squad. We've got the best players in every position, as was seen at the European Championship".